Church World Service kits headed to Vermont, New Hampshire

Church World Service kits headed to Vermont, New Hampshire


CWS buckets being brought to Vermont

Associate Conference Minister Peter Wells delivered about 20 Church World Service cleanup buckets that had been collected at Christ Church United in Brockton to Brattleboro, VT - in his Prius.

Church World Service is readying shipments of cleanup buckets, hygiene kits and other supplies for delivery to locations in Vermont and New Hampshire next week, according to CWS New England Director Bert Marshall.

"A total of (approximately) 1,050 cleanup buckets, 900 hygiene kits, 350 school kits, 200 baby kits, and 100 blankets will be distributed among three sites: the Brattleboro Drop-In Center, Brattleboro VT; Thatcher Elementary School in Waterbury VT; and the New Hampshire Food Bank in Manchester NH," Marshall said. "We feel that the Brattleboro distribution will help to cover requests from western MA as well."

"It turns out that the recent cleanup bucket drive in New England, to which many responded with such generosity (collecting nearly 500 buckets for CWS), is helping us respond now here in New England!" Marshall said, adding that some churches may recognize buckets coming back.

In Massachusetts, 134 cleanup buckets were collected by churches earlier this summer and brought to the Conference office in Framingham; another 20 were brought to Christ Church United in Brockton. The buckets collected in Framingham were sent to the CWS distribution center in Maryland, where buckets are kept on hand so they can immediately be sent where there is a need.

The Brockton buckets, however, had not yet been sent to Maryland. So after conferring with Marshall, Associate Conference Minister Peter Wells picked up the buckets from Brockton on Friday, Sept. 2, and drove them to Brattleboro, VT. in his Prius. 

"It's a drop in the bucket, so to speak, but it will help," Wells said.
Marshall said the flooding in Vermont as a result of Tropical Storm Irene is a perfect example of how important the CWS kits program is.
"I encourage everyone to continue making CWS kits throughout the year. It's crucial that our warehouse supplies be continually re-stocked for events just like Hurricane Irene," Marshall said.

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