211th Annual Meeting - Were you provoked? Inspired? (2010)

211th Annual Meeting - Were you provoked? Inspired? (2010)


Marlene Gasdia Cochrane asked delegates if they were provoked or inspired by what they heard at the Massachusetts Conference Annual Meeting. What follows is a sampling of their responses:

Jim Antal

I was inspired by Jim’s speech. It charged me up about doing something about energy and oil, and how the church is a large part of the community and the pastor should be a leader in the community.

- Kathy Talbot, Delegate, First Congregational UCC of Hanover

Jim’s speeches are always inspiring to me. The message about outreach to neighbors - and that your neighbor is also the next-generation – was very thought-provoking. It was a new concept.

- Gloria Gilson, Delegate &
Moderator United Church of Christ in Canton


Listening to Jim’s speech and just being here is inspiring. With the Gulf Coast it’s easy to get overwhelmed by all the news. Coming to something like this lets you know there is a wider church, where you can talk about it, look at it all in different ways. It takes the panic out of the overwhelming bad news and gives comfort.

- Kathleen Kopitsky Delegate & In-Care Student, Memorial Congregational Church UCC, Sudbury


I have been deeply inspired. It has been very interesting, educational, and I’ve been having a lot of fun. The bylaws were informative and helped me understand things when I vote. I adored the marketplace and have spent all kinds of money for Christmas gifts.

I would like to encourage members to attend this event so it will help them understand where our dues are going and how to become more informed in issues – like Fair Trade Coffee – we should be using that coffee for coffee hour, instead of buying corporate coffee.

- Margaret Bell
First-time Delegate, Deacon
Park Avenue Congregational Church, UCC, Arlington

I was so inspired by the speakout about church finance book, that I bought two books – one for me and one for the treasurer of the church.

- Paul Allis delegate First Congregational of Sunderland

I was inspired by the hearing with the Innocence Commission. I didn’t know much about this and I was impressed by how much work the team had done.

- Anonymous delegate

I was stirred up by the Chile connection – it is wonderful to have a connection – and I will visit the marketplace to see the blessing cabin model.

- Cindy Pomeroy,Delegate, Second Congregational Church, UCC, Greenfield

The Chile minister and hearing about other disasters and challenges puts my life in perspective. We are still a society of abundance and it inspired me to share and be grateful.

- Arlene Lockenwitz, Delegate, First Congregational Church of Lee

I was inspired by the Pentecostal Church of Chile to make a contribution. Hearing the Bishop speak made the earthquake real to me.

- Cindy Webb, Delegate, First Church of Christ, Congregational, Bedford


I was provoked by the nomination slate and lack of people with Latin backgrounds included in the nomination list. It was a necessary thing for me to hear. I needed to be reminded to look out to make sure diversity is intentional.

- The Rev. Darienne Gagne, Delegate, Congregational Church, UCC, West Stockbridge


It’s important to give my time to the good of the Lord. It’s important for me to do that. I should help not only in my own church, but I’ve come to find out how I can help in the whole Conference.

- Kathy Dolley, Member of Board of Trustees, Delegate, Central Congregational Church, UCC, Attleboro Falls

The whole conference, Jim’s speech, the Moderator talking about acting in abundance, the connection of being a people of faith and a neighbor to generations next and stewards of the universe. Will there be an earth for them?

We’re not just little white communities anymore. That’s old New England and we’re not there anymore.

We need to make the connections to the wider church to help us have a future world.

- Martha Congdon Delegate, Moderator First Congregational Church of Lee

Was I inspired today? Very much so. The storytelling messages were presented in a very inspiring way.

- Sam Walkama, Delegate, Old South Union Church, Weymouth

Quinn always provokes me. Making us remember that if people are or aren’t obviously different, you still need to be a path to the welcoming.

- Terri K. Taylor, youth leader and in-care, Grace Congregational UCC, Framingham

Quinn’s sermon really reflected what I believe about the kingdom of God and he did it in an animated and colorful way. He lives what he preaches.

- Bill Albright Pastor Park Avenue Congregational Church, UCC, Arlington


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