47 RI ministers write letter to Muslim neighbors

47 RI ministers write letter to Muslim neighbors

Rhode Island Ministers' AssociationMay 20, 2016

Dear Muslim neighbors:

We write at a very troubling time in world history, but with a belief that people of faith can overcome prejudice, can learn to understand each other and respect each other’s honest striving toward God. More than this, we hope that we can develop relationships and learn about each other.

We are grateful for your invitation to visit mosques in the area. This can certainly help with relationships and self-education.

We are deeply saddened by all instances of bigotry and violence, but they do not deter us from what is always good: people of different faiths learning to respect each others’ hunger for God, and yearning for peace. We hope to meet with you and to talk about what we can do together to grow understanding between ourselves and then the wider community.

We are grateful for the opportunities to visit that we have already taken, and look forward to furthering our relationships with you.


The Rhode Island Ministers’ Association of the United Church of Christ
(signed by the following 47 Authorized Ministers in the Rhode Island Conference of the United Church of Christ)

Jametta Alston
Rev. Gary Bagley
Rev. A. Ralph Barlow
Rev. Bill Bartels
Rev. Paul Bizer
Rev. Ellen Brady
Rev. Janet Cooper Nelson
Rev. Dr. Claudia P. Demick
Rev. Stan Duncan
Rev. Eugene Dyszlewski
Dr. Stephen Finlan
Rev. John Fitzelle-Jones
Rev. Rebecca Floyd Marshall
Rev. Amy Frenze
Rev. Betsy Garland
Rev. Jennifer Geary
Rev. David Goodfellow
Rev. Ruth Hainsworth
Linda Hartley
Rev. Dr. H. Daehler Hayes
Rev. Dr. Kathleen S. Henry
Rev. Leo Hourihan
Rev. Sharon Key
Rev. Barbara Libby
Rev. Skip Macaulay
Warren Marble
Peggy Matteson
Bill McMillan
Wendy H. Merriman
Rev. Eileen Morris
Rev. Stephen Nelson
Bob Nolan
David Ouellette
Rev. Dr. Weldon Palmer
Wayne Patnaude
Rev. Caroline Patterson Inlow
Rev. Dr. George Peters
Rev. David F. Shire
Rev. Dr. Charles Simonson
Rev. Dr. Leslie Simonson
Rev. Rebecca Spencer
Rev. Bill Sterrett
Rev. Timoth Sylvia
Rev. Joe Tripp
Rev. Joy Utter
Rev. Kurt Walker
Brandon Yaghjian-Tison
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