'3 Good Things' Webinar First in Resilience Series

'3 Good Things' Webinar First in Resilience Series

Dr. Bryan SextonAssociate Professor and Director of Duke Center for Healthcare Safety & Quality, Duke University Health System, spoke on July 7th at the first in a series of webinars hosted by the SNEUCC Health and Wellness Team and the Disaster Resource and Response Team to promote clergy resilience. 
Dr Sexton captivated participants with his research on stress, burnout and the effects of positive emotions. From this research Dr. Sexton and his team created "Three Good Things", a tool that when used for just 14 days can lead to increased well-being even after a year! The effects of stress on our lives from a cellular to a societal level impact our work-life balance and our physical health.

Dr Sexton also discussed research that indicated the language one uses on Twitter is as good a predictor of heart disease as all the other measures used by medical practitioners. The more negative language used the higher the risk of heart disease. Training ourselves to notice and focus more on the good in our life can “recharge our batteries” says, Dr Sexton. The effects on deliberate attention to the good things around us can enhance well-being, promote a positive workplace environment and reduce depression.  
By the end of the webinar some participants had already signed up to try Three Good Things, why not join in the fun?  It will come to your email or text and only take a couple of minutes each evening. Others suggested the tool would be a great way to engage youth as an extension of gratitude journals, or as a way to begin conversations with people in nursing facilities who have been isolated, as an extension of the lectionary reading “sowing seeds” of grace! Such a simple practice can be so powerful! You can watch a short YouTube video about the Three Good Things program and see for yourself.

If you would like to receive a link to the webinar by Dr. Sexton, please email Karen at methotk@sneucc.org. Sign up for the next webinars in the series below.
This webinar will focus on two things – first, refreshing our memory about how trauma and the losses chaplains have sustained over these past months can affect our brains and our hearts. And second, to provide an opportunity to reflect on what chaplains have been going through. By using a series of biblical stories, chaplains will be able to begin to understand the trauma they have been through and begin to process their losses. 
September 9 & 16, 2020 2 pm: A two-part workshop on Centering Prayer (registration opens soon)
Terry Shaughnessy, Centering Prayer Retreat Leader and Spiritual Director will present two workshops on Centering Prayer including instruction and practice.  

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Deborah Ringen


Deborah Ringen

Deborah Ringen is Transitional Minister of Health and Wellness for the Southern New England Conference, UCC.

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