Churches Receive Insurance Offer Appearing to be From Conference

Churches Receive Insurance Offer Appearing to be From Conference


The Southern New England Conference has been made aware that numerous local churches received a letter (see image below) bearing the Conference logo offering a new program for alternative insurance. This communication is NOT from the Conference, nor is it endorsed by the Conference. The group used the Conference's name and logo without permission and has been contacted and asked to desist.

"The Conference recommends churches work within the UCC Insurance Board program because we have confidence that it is the most comprehensive program tailored to the needs of local churches, and it has served many of our congregations very well for many years. It also offers a full range of loss control and other resources," said Dawn Hammond, Executive Minister for Policy and Finance.

She continued:

"We have been advised that some UCCIB customers will see significant cost increases this year. These are due to climate and market conditions affecting the entire insurance industry in the U.S.. Any company offering cheaper coverage is very likely to be offering less coverage. Nevertheless, we understand that large cost increases are hard to pay for.

"We encourage local congregations to work with their agents and consider changing deductible levels as a way of mitigating the cost increases. If other insurance options are under consideration, we encourage local church leaders to be diligent in understanding the details of the proposed coverage."

Visit the UCC Insurance Board website for information, or contact a local Insurance Board representative

Image of letter


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Tiffany Vail

Tiffany Vail is the Director of Media & Communications for the Southern New England Conference.

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