Open and Affirming Webinars

Open and Affirming Webinars


The UCC Open and Affirming Coalition announces its winter 2021 webinar series, designed both for Open and Affirming congregations and for churches taking their first steps towards an ONA covenant. Individual registration at $25 is for three or fewer people. Church Group registration for a single webinar at $75 is for four or more people (unlimited participants). There is an optional 'Seasons Pass' as well.

Feb. 11, 7 PM: ONA and the BIBLE

Just seven short texts from the Bible are sometimes an obstacle for congregations on their journey towards an Open and Affirming covenant. But there are more than 31,000 verses in your Bible! What does the Bible teach about our relationships with God and each other? And how should you respond when members of your church have questions about the seven texts often used to condemn same-sex relationships? Led by Andy Lang (he, him).  REGISTER 

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""One-to-One Conversations" are an important early step for churches on the way to an ONA covenant. Kimi Floyd Reisch (they, them), the Coalition's Minister for ONA Programs, will show how members of your ONA team can plan these conversations for your church. Fifteen minutes of the webinar will be spent in practice sessions. With careful preparation, these conversations are an effective way to build relationships and invite church members into the ONA journey. ONA 101 and ONA and the Bible are good precursors to this webinar.  REGISTER


Taught by Open and Affirming Program Minister, Kimi Floyd Reisch (they, them), this webinar is an introduction to the diversity of experience beyond sexual and gender binaries. It will cover the science beyond binaries and introduce people to the long history of gender and sexual diversity that existed in the world prior to the colonial era. It will highlight the stories of nonbinary children and adults, and discuss the growing number of children and youth who are authentically themselves. It serves as Transgender 101 and Bisexuality 101.  REGISTER


The stories of your trans and nonbinary neighbors, their courage and deep faith, will enrich your congregation. From best methods to fully welcome and affirm transgender and nonbinary people into your faith community to learning about how to create inclusive liturgies and worship spaces, this webinar will dig deep into the theology of the transgender movement . Led by the Coalition's president, the Rev. Mak Kneebone (he, him).  REGISTER

March 11, 7 PM: TRANSGENDER 201

Join Coalition Program Minister Kimi Floyd Reisch (they, them) in discovering the incredible diversity of people who fall under the transgender umbrella. Learn terms specific to transgender people and their experiences. Discover some the the challenges trans people face, both within and outside of the Church. Learn about how to create inclusive bathroom spaces, how to encourage the congregation to share pronouns, and even best practices for gender expansive youth group policies. Discover ways to use inclusive language and how to widen the welcome and create new groups and events that are not gender specific.  REGISTER


The bisexual umbrella usually includes people who identify as pansexual, queer, or sexually fluid. Most studies suggest that about 50% of all LGB people identify as bisexual, making it the largest group within the LGBTIA+ community. It also remains one of the most hidden within churches. Additionally, bisexual people can encounter anti-bi views in either straight or gay people. How can your church serve this large group and what practices are the most affirming to bisexual people? Come join Coalition Program Minister Kimi Floyd Reisch (they, them) in a discussion of some of the deeper challenges facing bisexual and pansexual people, and learn some methods for your church deepening your commitment to bisexual and pansexual people.  REGISTER

March 25, 7 PM: ONA 201

ONA congregations that are visible and public in their commitment to inclusion can grow in numbers and spirit. This webinar shares best practices from growing ONA churches, including tips for marketing, communication, evangelism and advocacy. Led by Coalition Executive Director Andy Lang (he, him) REGISTER

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