Responding to Hurricane Isaias

Responding to Hurricane Isaias

Picture taken by SNEUCC Staffer Michele Mudrick.
Below is a message from Bridge Conference Minister Don Remick:


This week the remnants of Hurricane Isaias literally blew through our Conference.  For a period of time every minute, it seemed, had a new imminent alert of a Tornado Warning somewhere within our Conference.  Heavy rains fell.  The storms wind field blew through.  And many folks hunkered down in their basements.  As the sun rose the next day we began to assess and hear about the damage and impact.  We grieve the passing of one life in our region and several others from the path of the storm.  We have seen images of downed trees on streets, homes and buildings. We have heard the stories of wind damage to buildings.

As of this writing, many are still without power.  So we are reaching out to all the members of our Conference to check in and invite you to check in with each other. 

Some found this storm no more impactful than many others that have come through in the last couple months.  Some will be repairing their homes and lives for some time. To date, we have not heard any substantial impacts to any of our churches.

The Church has always been central in helping a community recover from the impact of a disaster.  You are the ones who know best what is needed in your communities.  You have the relationships and resources to help in the recovery efforts for your community and your neighboring ones. 

Some of our staff are still dealing with the impact of the storm in their homes, yards and power grid and may be limited in their response to your communications with them.  And, as a whole, your Conference staff are here to help with your needs.

Please let us know how it is going for you, your church and your community.   As this recovery unfolds we are ready to provide help and facilitate the efforts of our churches as we all move forward from this storm. 

We remind you again of the number of resources you can find on our Disaster Resource and Response Team pages

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