Thinking Pastorally and Practically About Money at a Time Like This

Thinking Pastorally and Practically About Money at a Time Like This


The following material is from a special edition newsletter by Alban: Practical Wisdom for Leading Congregations (4/6/2020)

Resources for Christian Leaders During the Coronavirus Pandemic 

by Nathan Kirkpatrick and Melissa Spas

Rendering Unto God

Questions to Guide Organizational Change During Tough Economic Times

Crisis and Faith

Funding the Mission First: Trusting the Gospel in Times of Uncertainty  (a webinar) 

The Consortium of Endowed Episcopal Parishes, one of Alban's partner organizations, hosted a webinar about money, meaning, and ministry for volunteer stewardship teams, clergy, and lay professional fundraisers focusing on resources, inspiration, and tools congregations will need in the coming weeks of COVID-19. Panelists include J. Davey Gerhard, Executive Director of the Episcopal Network for Stewardship; Mary MacGregor, Canon for Congregational Vitality and Mission Amplification, The Episcopal Diocese of Texas; Melissa Spas, Managing Director of Education and Engagement, Lake Institute on Faith & Giving; and Rosa Lee Harden, former Executive Producer of SOCAP. While the conversation focuses on Episcopal congregations, it is applicable to UCC churches. (Note: "Canon" = Conference Staff; "Diocese" = Conference; Vestry = Church Council.

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