Resources for Fighting Hate and Speaking Up

Resources for Fighting Hate and Speaking Up


The following is excerpted from Linking Lives for Health and Wholeness, the UCC Faith Community Nurse Health Ministry Newsletter

“To remain silent and indifferent is the greatest sin of all.”
-Elie Wiesel

We have entered a period of new leadership in our government.  Many are concerned about projected changes in health care, as well as possible restrictions on their personal freedoms.  Research clearly shows that dis-stress has a negative impact in all three areas of health: physical, mental, and spiritual.  As a people of faith focused on wholistic health within our UCC churches and the communities we serve, some of our health promotion interventions must be broadened this year beyond the physical and mental health challenges we have addressed in the past.  The following two publications will be useful in determining how we as individuals and as faith communities will respond for the health and well being of others. 

Ten Ways To Fight Hate – A Community Response Guide

This guide offers 10 specific ways that we can take action to counter hate and promote tolerance and inclusion. The steps outlined have been tested in communities across our nation by a wide range of human rights, faith and civic organizations. Additional resources are listed at the back of the document published by The Southern Poverty Law Center.

Speak Up!
Often we become uncomfortable in a situation and recognize that we should do something but we are not sure how to speak up in a way that is helpful.  Speak Up! calls on individuals to take a stand against everyday bigotry.  Specific examples demonstrate how we can do it within our families, with friends and neighbors, at work, at school and in public. The Six steps to speaking up against everyday bigotry is followed by information on how to develop a collective campaign aimed at curbing bias, how to use the Speak Up! document as a training tool, and resources applicable to our ministries with people of all ages.  The Teaching Tolerance Project of The Southern Poverty Law Center developed this document. 

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