Faith Leaders: Sign On, We Are With Dreamers

Faith Leaders: Sign On, We Are With Dreamers

A message from Church World Service:  
The Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, which protects nearly 800,000 young people from deportation and provides them work authorization, is under immediate and existential attack. Ten attorneys general are threatening to sue President Trump if he doesn’t end DACA by September 5th. We're concerned that Trump could end DACA in the next few weeks.
This We Are With Dreamers letter demonstrates that elected officials, law enforcement, faith, and civic leaders stand with these young people and want to preserve the DACA program. We urge all local and national faith leaders, congregations, and faith-based organizations to sign on by filling out this form: FaithWithDreamers. The deadline has been extended to next Monday, August 28.

Please find a helpful fact sheet and state-by-state fact sheets about DACA (on Google Drive). Also, last week, 20 state attorneys general sent a letter calling on President Trump to maintain DACA and touting its successful track record.
Please engage other faith leaders, congregations, and organizations, as well as elected officials, law enforcement, and civic leaders to encourage them to sign on. Thank you for your support of the 800,000 young people in the DACA program!

Jen Smyers
Director of Policy and Advocacy
Immigration and Refugee Program
Church World Service

Photo from Southwest Conference, UCC


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