Cyclone Pam devastates island region

Cyclone Pam devastates island region

by Zachary Wolgemuth
UCC Disaster Ministries Executive

One of the strongest storms recorded in recent history slammed the small island nation of Vanuatu in the South Pacific over the weekend. Already one of the poorest nations in the region, Vanuatu suffered devastating damage and loss of life as Cyclone Pam, a Category 5 storm, made landfall. The president of Vanuatu is quoted as saying that all the infrastructure and development of the last several years has been completely destroyed and that the humanitarian need is immediate. Communications to and from the island nation have been disabled and relief efforts hampered due to the loss of infrastructure, power and communications. Damage assessments are still underway and the full scope of loss is yet to be realized.

“We are continuing to reach out to partners working in the region in order to back the relief and recovery efforts. One of our partners, ACT Alliance, is working closely with the local and national community to assess the damage and respond appropriately," said Zach Wolgemuth, UCC Disaster Ministries Executive.

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UCC Disaster Ministries responds to international disasters through generous donations to the International Emergency Fund. To support Cyclone Pam recovery, please give to the International Emergency Relief Fund*.

*Funds raised in response to this solicitation that exceed the amount necessary to respond fully to the designated disaster event will be directed towards other international emergency-relief and disaster-preparedness efforts.


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