Level Three

Level Three

Building Momentum



  1. Review your congregation’s financial investment portfolios and develop strategies for divestment from fossil fuel exploration and extraction.
  2. Offer a workshop for members and friends to consider socially responsible investing in ESG funds.
  3. Discuss Creation Care advocacy as a spiritual discipline (jump to Education). 
  4. Host a program  (guest speaker, film or book discussion) on the global issues of sustainability e.g., consumerism, regenerative agriculture, plastic reduction, ocean impacts and climate migration (jump to Education).


  1. Establish a standing “Green Team” within the governing structure of your congregation. 
  2. Review the building audit of your property to determine your short and long-term strategic plans to attain environmental sustainability goals.
  3. Designate your energy use savings to create a “Green Fund” for future “green” improvements.
  4. Did your actions stimulate a behavioral change and promote greater awareness? Assemble data, stories and pictures. Celebrate accomplishments. Publish and share your successes.

Reduce/Recycle/Rethink (Choose at least four actions)

  1. Install energy efficient fluorescent lights/ballasts. 
  2. Install and use programmable thermostats. 
  3. Use electric lawn and garden care equipment.  Electricity is less polluting than gasoline.
  4. Install LED exit and emergency lighting/signs. 
  5. Add air-gap window film to seal leaking windows and/or low emissivity film to keep out summer heat.
  6. Initiate exploration to install solar panels and/or purchase 100% green electricity from renewable energy aggregation projects in New England.
  7. Install occupant sensors and timers for lights in common areas. 
  8. Add a solar water heater to reduce use of gas hot water heater or replace standard electric hot water heater with “on demand” hot water system. Consider installing a programmable water heater if you only need hot water on worship days.
  9. Add or improve insulation in walls, ceilings and basement. 
  10. Link members with weatherization and energy efficiency resources for their homes.


  1. Explore the UCC Creation Justice Church program.
  2. Plan a program or event with representatives from another faith tradition.
  3. Host a community program to examine all aspects of transportation in your area.
  4. Partner with other local organizations to develop/expand community participation in renewable energy, composting, community gardens, net zero building options or other sustainability initiatives. 
  5. Participate with local/regional training programs and the SNEUCC Disaster Resource and Response Team for emergency response and resilience.  
  6. Contact and engage with environmental organizations that offer legislative briefings and advocacy training.


  1. Advocate for local and regional bans on products like single use plastics, Styrofoam containers and packaging.
  2. Research areas in your state or region affected by toxins like pollution, particulates or lead and get involved in advocating for change. 
  3. Actively advocate the passage of local and state environmental legislation and regulation and promote phone/email campaigns.
  4. Organize and implement a lobbying campaign to encourage local business or corporations to make changes to improve sustainability (e.g. reduce packaging, switch to electric vehicles, install solar canopies, etc.)
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