Level Four

Level Four

Expanding Impact



  1. Begin the process of becoming a UCC Creation Justice Church.
  2. Preach, lead discussions, and convene study groups on the intersection of climate, racial, social and economic injustices.
  3. Recognize that the land on which your community lives, works and plays was the original territory of the indigenous people who first cared for it.  Acknowledge your debt and advocate for their descendants. 
  4. Through study and sermons, connect the congregation with climate actions involving non-violent protests and civil disobedience. Encourage members to attend a training on civil disobedience.


  1. Complete your congregation’s divestment from fossil fuel exploration, extraction and refinement, while encouraging other organizations to consider taking such a step.
  2. Organize tree planting in environmentally stressed areas.
  3. Organize a community organic garden and share produce with the food pantry.
  4. Learn how your congregation can be involved in assisting with adaptation actions to address the threats of climate change in your region.
  5. Apply to become a “Cool Congregation” through Interfaith Power and Light.

Reduce/Recycle/Rethink (Choose at least four actions)

  1. Replace old furnace, heaters, air conditioners.  If you need a new furnace, install an air or ground source heat pump heating and cooling system.
  2. Lease or purchase solar panels.
  3. Buy Energy Star appliances. 
  4. Install dual flush toilets and motion-activated faucets. 
  5. Replace inefficient windows and doors. 
  6. Utilize xeriscaping for lawns and landscaping to reduce size of lawns with native grasses and plants that require less water and store more carbon.
  7. Switch to all electric vehicles and install charging stations.
  8. Plant trees next to your building – evergreen on the north and east to break cold winds and deciduous on the south and west to provide cooling shade.


  1. Partner with regional, national, and globally based environmental organizations on climate crisis, biodiversity conservation, toxic substances, and sustainable development issues. 
  2. Provide leadership with other faith-based institutions on issues related to social, racial, economic and environmental justice
  3. Share your successes with your congregation, community, media and with the SNEUCC Environmental Team and with the UCC Environmental Ministries


  1. Increase participation in the Congregation Climate Justice Voter Challenge and make every election a call for values-based voting on environment and justice.
  2. Partner with another congregation whose members are being harmed by climate change or environmental racism and support them in their advocacy efforts for cleaner air and water quality.
  3. Enlist members to write articles, speak at hearings and attend marches and rallies to safeguard our planet from further harm.
  4. Based on the passions of your congregation, choose and champion local/state/national environmental legislation and develop an advocacy campaign to call upon elected officials to support environmental justice.
  5. Establish a “Climate Advocates” group to mobilize the congregation for rapid response to emerging issues or legislation.
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