Leadership Development and Resources

Leadership Development and Resources

Lunch & Learn for Leaders Series: 

Lunch & Learn for Leaders is a monthly series hosted by the Center for Transformational Leadership that is offered at no cost to participants through proportional giving. Every third Thursday, join us at noon for a 1-hour session of learning and discussion. Each month we will offer a bite-size opportunity to learn valuable concepts and practices from a subject expert. Our wide-ranging topics are relevant to areas of mission and ministry that you, our authorized ministers and lay leaders, have indicated are timely for your congregations.

Fall 2022 Sessions: 

September 15 - The Endemic Church: The Reality and Possibilities for Ministry Now and Over the Next Few Years: We know that the global pandemic has had a dramatic impact on faith communities, but what exactly is the impact? How is it changing attendance? Giving? Use of technology? The role of clergy? What are the implications for congregational leadership? Which of these changes were simply amplifications of existing trends and which were new avenues for ministry? Join us as we look at significant patterns from the Faith Communities Today Initiative, (www.FaithCommunitiesToday.org) which has tracked strengths, challenges, and opportunities in the congregations since 2000, and the first three pandemic surveys of the five-year project Exploring the Pandemic Impact on Congregations (www.covidreligionresearch.org). Bring your questions; there will be ample time for Q&A. 
Session Presenter: Dr. Scott Thumma, Professor of Sociology of Religion and director of the Hartford Institute for Religion Research at Hartford International University.

October 20 - Coaching Services: Are you or your church envisioning something new? Are you or your congregation feeling stuck or struggling with tensions getting in the way of the work? Are you or your congregation needing an outside perspective to support you and accompany you as you move through a process? Have you heard all the talk about Coaching and wondered what it is and how it might help you or your congregation? Whether it is about feeling stuck or launching a new ministry, finding common ground and a common goal or discerning a new path, a Coach could be helpful for you or your congregation. Join Rev. Heather Ramsey Mabrouk for a brief presentation about individual and group coaching, the process of working with a Together We Thrive Coach, and a special program that is re-launching in January of 2023.
Session Presenter: Rev. Heather Ramsey Mabrouk, Director for the Center for Transformational Leadership and Program Director for Together We Thrive, an ecumenical initiative funded by the Lilly Endowment.

November 17 - Introduction to Christian Contemplative Practices: What does “contemplation” mean? When we “contemplate” an idea, contemplation implies something deeper than thinking only. In contemplation, we start from a place of mystery and an acceptance of not knowing. This is often called the “mystical” dimension of faith, which shares a root with the word “mystery”. Spiritual truths often begin as a mystery because there is much we must spiritually unlearn, including many beliefs that no longer serve us. As we release fear’s grip and open our minds and hearts, new revelations are revealed to us. We shall talk more about these foundations over the course of our “Introduction to Christian Contemplative Practices” gatherings.
Session Presenter: Rev. Matt Carriker, Agape Spiritual Community 

Previous Sessions: 

  • February 17, 2022: Exploring the Benefits of Behavioral Covenants
  • March 17, 2022: Exploring Transformative Leadership in a Climate Changed World
  • April 21, 2022: How Can Family Systems Theory Inform Our Leadership?
  • May 19, 2022: Reaching Your Community - Church Podcasts 101
  • June 16, 2022: Conflict & Community

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Leadership Skills for Lay Leaders 

  • Learn about different leadership styles and identify your own
  • Equip yourself with new skills for strengthening and serving your community
  • Deepen your knowledge about the United Church of Christ
  • Ideal for church moderators, council members, trustees, deacons, and others serving in formal leadership roles

This program provided by the Damascus Project.

Small Church Summit

Small churches matter! Join us for a full day of resources for small church  vitality. Buildings, money, energy -  these all can be either gifts or burdens for our churches. We'll get at what it means to be God's church at this time and in this place, and how to have meaningful mission, worship, and faith formation - despite the small size of our membership. 

Join the Center for Transformational Leadership's Small Church Summit on February 26th, 2022 from 9:00 AM - 3:00 PM

Leadership and Anxiety in the Church

Rooted in Scripture and grounded in Bowen family systems theory, this workshop identifies differentiation of self and anxiety as two key variables impacting human functioning. Leadership and Anxiety looks at the challenges presented by the rising levels of anxiety being experienced in churches today, as well as the role that self-differentiated leadership can play in calming such anxiety. Works of fine art illustrating Biblical themes help facilitate theological reflection on the themes being presented.

This workshop has been designed especially for pastors, church council/vestry/session members, pastor–parish committees, and judicatory leaders of all denominations. For participants to derive maximum benefit, we recommend that a team made up of clergy, staff, and lay leadership from the same congregation would attend the event together. This seminar is provided by Lombard Mennonite Peace Center.

Navigating the Maze of the Unique Compensation and Tax Aspects of Ministers

Clergy Compensation Presentation Notes.  This material provided by Practical Resources for Churches

What Can Churches and Businesses Learn from Each Other?

What can churches, nonprofits, and businesses learn from one another? Lewis Center Director Doug Powe interviews Randy Casey-Rutland, a theologically educated business executive, who shares insights about what the church can learn from the business world and vice versa. Listen to this interview or continue reading.  This material provided by the Lewis Center for Church Leadership.

Parish Papers  

This site provides  almost three dozen ‘Church Effectiveness Nuggets’ – papers/ readings on a multitude of topics with background, suggestions, templates on a wide range of topics – increasing Sunday School attendance, sharpen writing skills, resolving congregational conflict, attracting first time worship visitors, and many more.

Facebook Leadership Forum 

A place for clergy and lay leaders to share ideas and seek information

Stewardship, Generosity, Fundraising & Financial Management

Encouraging generosity, managing your church finances, and more.

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