Investments & Endowments

Investments & Endowments

The Bible warns against “building bigger barns” – setting your goals on worldly possessions rather than on God. But the Bible also emphasizes stewardship. It teaches us that our talents and our possessions are blessings that are not for our exclusive benefit, but to be used for God’s purposes.

Likewise, an endowment fund should be viewed as a form of stewardship to promote God’s mission rather than as a way to stockpile money.  An endowment fund reflects a donor’s gratitude for God’s blessings and faith in the future. We are charged with balancing the creation of God’s kin-dom today with the ongoing creation for generations to come.

Endowments, by providing a steady and predictable source of revenue, open up new opportunities for discipleship.

~  Charlie Kuchenbrod. Read his full piece: What Does the Bible Say About Endowments?

Fund Options:

Consolidated Trust Funds of the Missionary Society of Connecticut
A financial ministry of the historic Connecticut Conference.  Assets of the historic Connecticut and historic Rhode Island Conferences are invested here, and the Boards of the two historic Conferences endorse this as an option for local churches to consider.

New Hampshire Conference Consolidated Investment Fund
A financial ministry of the New Hampshire Conference, offered in partnership with the Consolidated Trust Funds.  Assets of the New Hampshire Conference are invested here, and the NH Conference’s Board of Directors endorses this fund as an option for local churches to consider.

United Church Funds
A national financial ministry of the United Church of Christ.  Assets of the historic Massachusetts Conference are invested here, and that Board of Directors endorses this fund as an option for local churches to consider.


Do You Have an Effective Investment Committee? PDF

Know Your Endowment Classifications PDF

What Does the Bible Say About Endowments? PDF

Total Return Investing and Spending Policies (PDF)

Endowment Policy Manual PDF
Download, or get a free printed copy by contacting Karen Methot, 508-875-5233 x234.

Host a Cultivating Healthy Endowments workshop!

This workshop covers common endowment management pitfalls to avoid, proper gift classification (what constitutes an endowment, different kinds of endowments), the seven steps to a healthy endowment, the primary law governing endowments, best practices for Investment Committees and more.  By hosting a workshop, you will ensure a convenient date and time for members of your congregation to participate.  By extending an invitation to other congregations and providing hospitality, you will enrich the workshop by expanding the experience and perspectives of the participants.  Assistance will be provided with publicity.

This workshop has been offered multiple times and is continuously refined based on the feedback of participants.  Assessments have been very positive.

This workshop is led by Charlie Kuchenbrod.  For more information or to schedule a workshop email Charlie at or call 860.761-7111.


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