Intersectionality resources address multiple concerns/issues related to not only humanity but environmental justice, and the planet itself.  Intersectionality demonstrates that issues or concerns don’t exist separately from each other. They are inextricably linked...

Ted Talk as a means of introducing the concept of intersectionality by Kimberie Crenshaw as it relates to race and gender

Globus' Zifharah Kensington places people and communities at the forefront when discussing climate change...addressing intersectionality.  

Voices of Youth, Aman Sharma, notes that "One of the major shortcomings when it comes to public policy-making to combat issues like climate change...has been the division of environmental and social issues into two different domains of interest."  

The Good Trade, Leah Thomas, speaks of the necessity of protecting vulnerable communities alongside the environment.

Sierra Club's Hop Hopkins, persuasively argues that we'll never be able to overcome climate change without dismantling white supremacy.  

Athian Akec, The Guardian, "When I look at the Extinction Rebellion, all I see are white faces.   This has to change."

Podcast: Intersectionality and Climate Justice with Jacqui Patterson, the Director of the NAACP Environmental and Climate Justice Program.

Intersectional Environmentalist 

NAACP  Toolkit: Environmental and Climate Justice Resources  

NAACP: Unleashing the Power of the People

NAACP: Environment and Climate Justice


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