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In 2020 the expansion of digital ministries went viral across the conference and around the world due the coronavirus pandemic.  Churches across our conference have made earnest, and often quite effective, efforts to keep our communities of faith connected to each other and to the gospel of Jesus Christ even while the members and friends of the churches must stay apart. 

Advent-ure Design Camp

We are pleased to announce that  SNEUCC has contracted with Dr. McFee to offer herAdvent-ure Design Camp.”  Click here to register your group for this six- week program. Register before October 3 to participate. This program offers a mix of webinars and self-paced learning that will walk you through the steps of designing a worship series for Advent: from choosing a theme, to engaging the worship arts, to getting help from your worship team and volunteers. 

Helping People Connect with God through Nature

The natural world is our first way of knowing God, says Beth Norcross, an expert in spirituality and nature. Finding God in nature can reconnect people with faith and the biblical tradition, especially the growing percentage of younger people who are less attracted by the trappings of the institutional church. This material provided by the Lewis Center for Church Leadership.

The New Testament as an Innovation of the Old

In the second essay in a series, Rowe writes that understanding the New Testament requires grounding in the tradition of the Old Testament. The book of Leviticus and the Sermon on the Mount illustrate that the New is the fulfillment of the Old.  This material is provided by Faith & Leadership.

Parish Papers

This site provides  almost 3 dozen ‘Church Effectiveness Nuggets’ – papers/ readings on a multitude of topics with background, suggestions, templates on a wide range of topics.  These include increasing Sunday School attendance, writing skills, resolving congregational conflict, attracting first time worship visitors, and many more.

Tik Tok as Ministry

It is amazing what can be achieved in 15 seconds. TikTok videos are the new parable. Though they take a moment to watch the ripple effect of introspection and theological reflection is long lasting.  From God's pronouns to exegesis of difficult passages and every other conversation you wish your congregation would openly contemplate, these are being debated in the comment sections of TikTok videos.  Learn about the power of this up and coming social media platform and how TikTok is not just for dancing anymore.  Material provided by Practical Resources for Churches.

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