Hartford East Association

Hartford East Association

Members and member churches of the Hartford East Association come together to strengthen our common witness to the mission of Jesus Christ and to affirm our collective responsibility to make our faith alive in the world.

Serving portions of Hartford County east of the Connecticut River (Enfield, East Windsor, South Windsor, East Hartford, Manchester, Glastonbury and Marlborough), we are thirteen (13) United Church of Christ (UCC) congregations promoting the welfare of all of our local churches and authorized ministers and working in covenant with the Southern New England Conference and the General Synod of the UCC.

In keeping with the traditions of the United Church of Christ, the member churches and authorized ministers relate to each other in a covenantal manner, promising each other to seek God’s will and to be faithful to one another in the work we do.  Each church is called to honor and respect the work and ministry of all members of the Association and to listen, hear, and carefully consider the advice, counsel, and requests of others.  In this covenant, the members of the Association seek to walk together in all God’s ways.

A list of Churches in the Hartford East Association can be found here.

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