Hampshire Association Officers

Hampshire Association Officers

Contact information for all the following people is available by contacting the Northwest Region Office at 508-963-8106 or by email: holmesd@sneucc.org.



Moderator: The Rev. Mr. Tadd Allman-Morton, Westhampton Congregational UCC


Scribe: Ms. Judy Stone, First Congregational Church of Hadley

Treasurer: Mr. Carl Erickson, Edwards Church of Northampton

Auditor: Ms. Linda O’Dea, The Haydenville Congregational Church UCC


Executive Committee:

Mr. Richard Connelly, First Congregational Church of Leverett

Ms. Debra Moore, Edwards Church of Northampton

The Rev. Mr. Donald Morgan, The Haydenville Congregational Church UCC

The Rev. Ms. Clare Overlander, First Churches of Northampton

The Rev. Ms. Carol Smith, First Congregational Church, UCC, Huntington

The Rev. Ms. Lori Souder, First Congregational Church of South Hadley 

The Rev. Ms. Sherry Tucker, Easthampton Congregational Church, UCC

Ms. Sharyn Wentworth, North Hadley Congregational Church



Church and Ministry Committee:

Chair: The Rev. Ms. Ellen Petersen, First Churches of Northampton

Registrar: The Rev. Mr. Robert Livingston, First Congregational Church, UCC, Amherst

The Rev. Mr.  Winston Baldwin, First Congregational Church of South Hadley

The Rev. Mr. Randy Calvo, First Congregational Church, Hatfield

Mr. Carl Erickson, Edwards Church of Northampton

Mr. David Fobes, First Congregational Church UCC, Chesterfield

The Rev. Ms. Lorain Giles, First Congregational Church of South Hadley

The Rev. Gordon Pullan, North Hadley Congregational Church

Mr. Richard Tracy, Westhampton Congregational Church UCC


MIDWG Liaisons:

The Rev. Ms. Joanne Graves, First Churches of Northampton 

Mr. Brian Lapis, First Congregational Church of South Hadley


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