2022 'Faith Matters' Voting Challenge

2022 'Faith Matters' Voting Challenge

Voting is one of the most - if not the most - powerful tools we have as people of faith.  


Because essentially voting takes your caring values into the public square and thereby into other people’s lives. 

Your vote matters, not just in the big national election years, but in all the local and state elections in between, because politicians pay attention to the priorities of people who vote

The Environmental Ministries Team has developed resources to mobilize congregations through the 2022 "Faith Matters" Voting Challenge.  We have partnered with the Environmental Voter Project (EVP) to promote the SNEUCC Creation Care Voter Pledge and put love into action for every living creature and for every economically or racially marginalized community that suffers from environmental harm.

Sooner or later, every justice issue intersects with the disruption that arises from the climate emergency.  That is why your vote as a person of faith who cares about important issues - like inflation and racism and immigration and rising prescription costs and voter suppression - matters. 

The clock is ticking on the climate crisis and on the midterm election cycle. Learn more about ways to promote the 2022 "Faith Matters" Voting Challenge in your congregation and make the connection between faith and voting to elect legislators from all political perspectives at all levels who will act to reverse the climate crisis. 

Download our Faith Matters Voting Challenge brochure.

Here’s How to Get Started:

For Individuals

#1   Accept the “Faith Matters" Voting Challenge” by submitting the Challenge form.

#2   Share the Creation Care Voter Pledge (CCVP) with members and friends.  Encourage them to share the Pledge with their friends and neighbors.

For Congregations

2022 “Faith Matters” Voting Challenge:  The Environmental Ministries Team of the Southern New England Conference challenges congregations to join the 2022 "Faith Matters" Voting Challenge by:

#1 Promoting the "Faith Matters" Voting Challenge and inspiring those worshipping with you to take the Creation Care Voter Pledge and vote their values to make the environment a priority in upcoming elections.   More info here.

#2 Make a commitment to engage in at least three of the following actions:

  • A.  Plan two services before the midterm elections to focus on why voting and the climate are priorities for people of faith. Click here for resources.
  • B. Plan a Small Group, Book Discussion or Video Screening for your congregation and/or the wider community.  Click Here for resources.
  • C.  Plan opportunities for Public Witness to support voting rights on the local, regional and/or national levels at rallies, marches, letters to the editor, lawn or window signs. Click here for UCC designs for banners to hang outside your church building or create your own! Consider joining the Poor People’s Campaign movement to reconstruct American democracy.
  • D.  Sound the Alarm for Climate Action!  Join the movement of congregations ringing their church bells on the 11th of every month to sound the alarm that we are approaching the “11th hour” of the growing climate crisis. Click here for resources.
  • E. Use Social Media to promote the Creation Care Voter Pledge.  Add a link to your church home web page to CCVP.  Circulate links to CCVP on your social media platforms and publicize your voting related events and programs. Encourage your congregation to use their networks to get the word out that people of faith care about voting and climate justice.  You don’t need to be a member of the Southern New England Conference or any congregation or house of worship to add your name to the pledge!
  • F. Conduct a Voter Registration Drive and publicize information on how to check registration status, request an absentee ballot, vote by mail and other state specific information.  Promote Third Act’s new Senior to Senior Intergenerational Voter Challenge to help every graduating senior to become a voter! Click here for information on Voter Registration resources and conducting voter drives in CT, MA and RI.
  • G.  Host a Candidate Forum. Host a community forum for local candidates to raise your concerns about climate justice. Click here for resources on hosting a candidate forum.
  • H.  Advocacy on voter activation.  Join efforts to get out the vote by phone-banking, and postcards/email campaigns. Click here for partner organizations with voter activation campaigns

Click here for Other Resources for Congregations on UCC Guidelines for political action and elections, building resiliency, non-partisan involvement and more.

Sign up for the Challenge here:

We accept the "Faith Matters" Voting Challenge


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