Faith Formation Ideas and Resources

Faith Formation Ideas and Resources

Explore Godly Play resources and consider incorporating retelling the story of Creation using their sensory/motor approach. You can read the lesson here.  

Explore this interactive Christian based curriculum as a resource for Sunday School, Vacation Bible School, outdoor camp or other opportunities: What’s So Amazing about Polar Bears: Teaching Kids to Care  for Creation by Randy Hammer et al. 

Explore God’s Blue Earth: Teaching Kids to Celebrate the Sacred Gifts of Water by Randy Hammer and Suzanne Blokland (Pilgrim Press) For elementary aged students.  Six interactive lessons for family time, Sunday School or Vacation Bible School.

With your congregation’s CE Director, organize an art show featuring children’s art about care of Creation and display the art in your gathering spaces.

Create a family worship service around the Just Peace Players’ presentation “Hey! Save the Earth!” 

Develop a library of children’s and adults’ books on Creation care and justice, recycling, climate change, threatened species, deforestation for church school teachers and youth to use:

  • Books about Climate Change, Environmental Justice and Creation Care PDF download
  • Environmental Books for Young People  PDf download

Incorporate activities from Learning with Nature: A How-to Guide to Inspiring Children through Outdoor Games and Activities by Marina Robb, Victoria Mew & Anna Richardson.

If your congregation has a community garden, work with the children to plant seeds and tend the garden in the spring and early summer.  Harvest garden produce for people to pick up at coffee hour. Visit to the garden after worship one summer morning with refreshments.

Walk the grounds around the church building with a group from your church. Consider your surroundings, including the land the building sits on, the air you are breathing, and the plants near you. Who are your biotic neighbors? Also, consider the houses, buildings, businesses and other “human-made” neighbors. Reflect on the interactions that occur between you and these multi-faceted surroundings. Are they harmful? Beneficial? Neutral? How do your natural surroundings affect your physical or spiritual existence? Your feelings? Your values?

A People’s Curriculum for the Earth by Bill Bigelow and Tim Swinehart offers a collection of articles, role plays, simulations, stories, poems and graphics to help breathe new life into teaching about the environmental crisis.

Encourage church youth to attend summer camp at Silver Lake Conference Center in Sharon, CT, summer camp at Pilgrim Day Camp in Framingham, MA or Irons Homestead Summer Camp  in North Situate, Rhode Island.

More youth resources from SNEUCC Faith Formation 

Also see: Environmental Action Projects for Children and Youth

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