PRC Webinar: Finding Intentional Community Online: The Story Of Queeranteen Camp

PRC Webinar: Finding Intentional Community Online: The Story Of Queeranteen Camp

PRC Webinar: Finding Intentional Community Online: The Story Of Queeranteen Camp
Tuesday, October 12, 2021 at 2:00 PM to 3:00 PM

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This webinar is available free to members of the Southern New England Conference through a partnership with .

Leaders -   Rev. Drew Stever - they/he
                  Rev. Hazel Salazar-Davidson - she/her/ella

The internet has a lot to offer - both good and bad. In the last couple decades, many communities have had to negotiate how they incorporate and leave out technology from their spaces. How can it enhance the experience? How can it take away? What many faith communities have forgotten is that faith is bigger than a building, or specific location. It expands beyond our own borders and meets us where we are at - whether we are in our bedroom, living room, or garage office, on our screens, in our hands, on our desks.

Pastor Drew serves as Lead Pastor of Hope Lutheran Church in Hollywood, CA. He came out as transgender one month before the 2016 presidential election and has found comfort in the freedom of the gospel ever since. While serving as intern at St. Paul's Lutheran Church in Santa Monica from 2018-2019, Drew launched "Queer Church". Queer Church is a worship service dedicated to uplifting and centering the voices and experiences of the LGBTQIA+ community. In the summer of 2020, Pastor Drew and Pastor Hazel co-founded Queeranteen Camp. Queeranteen Camp was a virtual community dedicated to the wellness and empowerment of LGBTQIA+ youth experiencing isolation (especially in a pandemic.) Originally from St. Paul, Minnesota and a graduate of Luther Seminary, Drew now lives in Thousand Oaks, CA and is an avid front yard birdwatcher.

Pastor Hazel serves as Assistant to the Bishop for Authentic Diversity, Inclusive Community and Service in the Sierra Pacific synod. She immigrated from Costa Rica at the young age of three. She was raised in California, and was educated in the San Gabriel Valley. She is a graduate of Fuller Theological Seminary and PLTS where she completed her Lutheran Year through TEEM. Pastor Hazel Salazar-Davidson lives in Thousand Oaks, CA with her family. In her spare time Hazel enjoys painting, drawing and working with clay.

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