Super Saturday

Super Saturday

Saturday, March 19, 2022 at 9:00 AM to 3:30 PM
Morning Workshops


1 Flowers and Friends of Hope and Healing- 1 hour
Learn new ways to use photography to create resources for hope and healing.
Rev. Dr. Fran Bogle is a community chaplain, coordinator of the Just Peace Players and long time photographer and nature lover.

2 The Good and the Bad of Mission Trips - Standard 1.5 hours
We will explore how mission trips can greatly impact ones spirituality as well as be traumatic to the participants. Models of one on one debriefing, as well as group debriefings will be shared. Helpful hints to think about in terms of self care before, during and after mission trips.
Rev. Fred Meade

3 After the Disaster? Discovering Wisdom and Resilience in a Pandemic World - Extended 2.5
For nearly two years, we have been living through and ministering in the middle of an extended reality that contains many of the attributes of a disaster. Disasters are associated with loss of physical and communal resources. This Workshop will provide a basic understanding of the neuroscience of traumatic stress and its similarities to prolonged anxiety. We will also explore the physical, emotional, and spiritual implications of disasters and helpful approaches to promoting long-term resiliency and well-being of individuals and communities.
Rev. Matthew Crebbin, Newtown Congregational Church. Pastor, Facilitator of Healing the Healers - Odyssey Network 

4 SNEUCC Clergy Compensation Guidelines 2022 - 1 hour
Merging the three historic conferences into one necessitated one set of clergy compensation guidelines. The new guidelines, acknowledging new realities pertaining to ministry, use a new methodology to determine clergy compensation. This workshop will show clergy and congregational leadership this methodology.
Rev. Quentin Chin, interim pastor, has worked with the Massachusetts Conference's guidelines for many years and was part of the team to revise the guidelines 

5 Simplifying Church Structure - Standard 1.5 hours
Participants will explore the need and opportunity to simplify church structure. This workshop is for clergy and church leaders who feel like their church structure is too complicated and in need of improvement. It is for anyone who feels the need to utilize the time and energy of church members better. It is for those who feel like their churches have too many meetings and not enough ministry.
Doug Bixby, Pastor and church consultant for over 20 years.

6 Facing Our Congregation's Mortality - Standard 1.5 hours
Congregations are not immortal. When and how do we have conversations about what makes congregational life worth sustaining and whether we should discuss how to complete a congregation's ministry faithfully and well? We are resurrection people and the future is never hopeless. This is not just for churches in decline. Facing mortality enriches life and paradoxically may extend and improve the quality of congregational life.
Charlie Kuchenbrod, Church Consultant, Fluent in "business" and "church."

7 Hand in Hand-Strategies for Successful Partnerships - Standard 1.5 hours
What is the true nature of relational leadership? Why are effective practices for collaboration and communication essential for leadership? How are these practices best employed and implemented in congregational mission and ministry? Let's discover more together!
Karen Ziel is the Assistant Director of the Center for Transformational Leadership in the Southern New England Conference. As a Commissioned Minister has served local congregations in faith formation and leadership development, as well as the historic CT Conference, prior to joining the SNEUCC staff.

8 Best Practices for Sharing Leadership - Standard 1.5 hours
That leadership is shared among the clergy, designated lay leadership, and membership is a distinguishing feature of the United Church of Christ. Sharing leadership well among those who are different from each other -- and we are all different from one another -- requires intentionality and spiritually-grounded respect. This workshop will lift up a set of practices that can help faith community leaders work together more thoughtfully amidst a flat hierarchy.
The Rev. Dr. Sarah B. Drummond, Andover Newton Seminary at Yale Divinity School. Dean, educator, and scholar on ministerial leadership. 

9 The Pension Boards: Your Covenant Partner in Nurturing Vital Congregations - Standard 1.5 hours
The Pension Boards provides benefits for those who serve the church, but so much more: leadership programs, financial assistance, fundraising services, experts on socially responsible investing, and much more to come in 2022. This PB101 session will introduce you to the mission of this vital arm of the UCC, and ways in which we do and can impact the life of your church. Our guiding theme for this session and our work every day is "Matters to you...matters to us...impacts the world."
The Rev. Dr. Jonathan B. Lee PBUCC: Director, Church Relations and Operations Jonathan is responsible for clear communication and problem-solving between the Pension Boards and all settings of the UCC. Mr. Travis Marks PBUCC: Director, Generations University Travis directs the Pension Boards educational arm, interpreting the mission of the organization and arranging topic-specific learning experiences for the varied settings of the UCC.

10 I Love the Church, I Hate the Church: Paradox or Contradiction? - Standard 1.5 hours
This workshop explores the emotions we feel and the attitudes we have toward 'the institutional church'. What might be its relevance, if any, within our contemporary culture and as we move forward into the future?
Rev. Dr. Robert R. LaRochelle- Has served churches in UCC and ELCA as a pastor. congregations. Author of seven books, including Crossing the Street and Part Time Pastor, Full Time Church.

11 Reclaiming Sabbath: The Biblical Vision for Economic Life - Extended 2.5
The biblical vision of Sabbath is about far more than resting on Sundays. At its core are often ignored and misunderstood principles of healthy and just economic relationships that remain relevant. This workshop will (re)introduce participants to the tradition of "Sabbath economics" that runs as a central thread from the manna story, to the sabbath laws and the jubilee announcement, through the prophets, and on to Jesus and his early followers.
Barry Shelley, former Moderator, Christ Congregational Church, Brockton, MA. Sustainable international development economist, with a seminary education, who has engaged with sabbath economics in a variety of ways for two decades.

12 Searching for the Biblical Roots of Restorative Justice - Standard 1.5 hours
Starting with a brief study of The Little Book of Biblical Justice by Chris Marshall, we will ask the questions "What is justice?" Are there restorative acts in biblical justice? Does biblical justice give us room for hope? We will also delve into concepts of ancient justice in the places where the biblical narrative originates.
Members of the Restorative Justice Task Team Rev. Samuel Lovett, school chaplain

13 Living Out the Gospel in Each and Every Election - Standard 1.5 hours
The workshop will clearly explain why identifying and mobilizing non-voting environmentalists into a critical mass is vital. An organizational leader and voting guru, Nathaniel will describe how you and/or your congregation can make this happen. In laying the groundwork, the workshop will assist you and your congregation in learning more about and participating in the Creation Care Voter Pledge (CCVP) challenge. Pre-recorded guest speaker:
The founder and Executive Director of the Environmental Voters Project (EVP), Nathaniel Stinnett uses data analytics and behavioral science, to effectively convert non-voting environmentalists into a critical mass too big for politicians to ignore. Rev. Dr. Jessica McArdle, is a member of the Environmental Ministries Team of SNEUCC, Co-chair of Environmental Justice at FCCW, and trained as a leader in the Climate Reality Project. She formerly served as settled and interim pastor for churches in MA, NH, and CT. Rev. Vicky Guest, is co-chair for the Environmental Ministries Team of SNEUCC, Board member at Massachusetts Interfaith Power and Light (MIP&L), trained as a leader in the Climate Reality Project, and is a retired UCC pastor with 40 years experience working with religious institutions. Guests (s): clergy from local churches who have promoted CCVP in their own congregations. 

CANCELLED - 14 Theological Conversation for Dismantling Racism - Standard 1.5 hours
Considering the contemporary climate of racial tension and divisiveness, the ministry of reconciliation, healing and unity is important. While as Christian leaders we desire justice for all in the kin-dom of God on earth, we have not engaged in deep and transformative conversations around race, privilege and inequality that fortify systemic injustice. Let's have that conversation!
Rev. Dr. Audrey C. Price Executive Minister for Strategic Operations Southern New England Conference, UCC

15 Birthing the Queen/Kingdom - a Parabolic Practice - Extended 2.5
The teachings of Jesus as expressed in the parables and in the prayer of Jesus invite us to a deeper, more embodied way of faith that is needed in our times. Balancing presentation and spiritual practice, this workshop will invite participants to consider anew what the Queen/Kingdom of God might be inviting us to embody and give birth to in the world through the lens of three particular parables.
The Rev. Henry Schoenfield, PCC. Contemplative, Spiritual director, Professional Coach, Pastor, Spiritual Nomad.

16 Pursuing Financial Sustainability - Standard 1.5 hours
The days of relying on pledges to cover church expenses are over. Approaching financial sustainability with an entrepreneurial mindset can open new sources of revenue that lead to financial vitality. Join us and explore fresh approaches to stewardship and monetizing our buildings.
Rev. Dr. David Cleaver Bartholomew, Director of Stewardship and Donor Relations 

17 Faith in Nature - 1 hour
Challenge the current paradigm of how church school should be! Learn about finding faith in nature for children in church school outside during a pandemic. Explore lesson plans, dynamic activities, and ways to effectively engage children, parents, and volunteers in a new way. While also, finding benefits in staying safe during a pandemic and supporting mental health.
Lauren M. Guiditta, First Church of Christ, UCC Glastonbury, CT. Director of Children's Ministries, mental health advocate, and fun seeker with Jesus.

CANCELED 18 Keeping Kids Safe - Standard 1.5 hours
This workshop provides skills to, knowledge and attitudes to prevent child sexual abuse in congregations. Topics discussed include: safe environment, working with parents, prevention strategies, signs and symptoms, and responding to disclosures. This is a modified workshop with materials from the ChildrensTrust MA.
Rev. Domenik Ackermann, West Parish Church. Minister for Education and Ph. D. - Candidate at Boston College
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