Boundary Awareness for Faith Formation & Youth Ministry Leaders (Zoom) - Faith Formation Leadership Program

Boundary Awareness for Faith Formation & Youth Ministry Leaders (Zoom) - Faith Formation Leadership Program

Trained Faith Formation Leaders Needed for Post-Pandemic Times
We in the Southern New England Conference are blessed in many ways. Our congregations are supported by an experienced and innovative staff. Our clergy and lay leaders can take advantage of our Super Saturday events not just annually, but twice a year. And we have the only training program specifically for faith formation and youth ministry leaders in the entire United Church of Christ!

This kind of training is critical to the life and health of a congregation, particularly in post-pandemic times:
  • It supports both clergy and lay leaders in adapting the best possible methods and learning models for hybrid ministry;
  • It provides theological and theoretical grounding in this ministry that keeps its leaders focused, and guides them in forming disciples of all ages;
  • It supports both clergy and lay leaders in assessing, selecting, and adapting the best possible resources for their particular congregation in post-pandemic times, both in age group and intergenerational settings;
  • It enlightens leaders about the spiritual development of children, youth, and adults, and the critical effectiveness of intergenerational worship & ministry; and
  • It provides peer support in collaboration, networking, and relationship-building for the ministry of accompaniment with people of all ages on their journey of faith.
We have learned that post-pandemic faith formation ministries require a greater focus on supporting parents/grandparents/caregivers with faith conversations with their children at home, as well as with more ministry in intergenerational settings. This is not only due to the availability of fewer volunteers, but because congregational faith formation is most effective with all ages present. The SNEUCC Faith Formation Leadership Program classes provide tools and resources to assist both clergy and lay leaders in shifting to these more effective faith formation models.

Who may participate in the Southern New England Conference’s Faith Formation Leadership Program?
ANYONE! Lay leaders, local church staff, authorized ministers — anyone who wants to further their education and understanding about the Bible, theology, Christian practices, and faith formation for all ages in the United Church of Christ is welcome to take advantage of this opportunity to expand their experiences in the Christian faith.

This program is offered as both a Certificate program, and as a series of classes that may be taken as stand-alone opportunities for those only interested in certain topics. Classes include a focus on faith formation and youth ministries.

Registration is now open for the 2021-2022 program year. Each class is offered twice to allow participants to select the best date and format for their particular needs — once via Zoom and once at Hadwen Park Congregational Church in Worcester, MA.

Classes offered this program year are:
  • Exploring Curriculum & Digital Resources with Debbie Gline Allen and Jennifer Murray
  • Engaging Our Sacred Scripture’s Story
     with Rev. Don Remick
  • Exploring the United Church of Christ — Our History, Our Beliefs, Our Identity with Rev. Dr. Audrey Price
  • Boundary Awareness for Faith Formation & Youth Ministry Leaders with Rev. Greg Morisse
  • Serving Together — Mission For All Ages with Rev. Kevin Weikel
Registration and more information may be found on the Faith Formation Leadership Program webpage

Those who minister in the church owe it to our children, youth, and adults to offer the best possible models, resources, and support in faith formation ministries, particularly during these uncertain times. We owe it to our God as well. Join us this program year in making connections, honing and adapting your ministry skills, and igniting your passions for lifelong faith formation!
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