Creating A Safe Environment (C.A.S.E. from Praesidium) with Karen Ziel

Creating A Safe Environment (C.A.S.E. from Praesidium) with Karen Ziel

Creating A Safe Environment (C.A.S.E. from Praesidium) with Karen Ziel
Thursday, October 29, 2020 at 6:30 PM to 8:00 PM

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Karen Ziel

In this season when we typically engage in safe conduct training, Karen Ziel offers this opportunity for church leaders from local congregations to attend a new safety training, the C.A.S.E. (Creating A Safe Environment) training from Praesidium. 

C.A.S.E. is recommended by the United Church of Christ Insurance Board and is a 90-minute safety training for minor youth serving organizations. The training centers on a compelling 'case' study about a youth serving organization enabling participants to engage throughout the presentation with all aspects of the story as it unfolds.  Information is focused on best practices at the local level and learners are able to immediately apply these to activities in their own organization, congregation. 

Participants will engage content in a manner suited to identifying the tools, practices, behaviors necessary to be partners in creating a safer environment in your congregation. 

The goals of this training are to: Deliver a state-of -the-art, research based program that includes topics such as youth-to-youth abuse and ways to overcome barriers to reporting low-level concerns. It is practical rather than theoretical and application is a key goal.  It is anchored in lessons around a story to stem "issue fatigue" for those who engage in perennial training. 

Karen Ziel, Minister of Faith Formation and Leadership will be the training facilitator. The training will take place on Zoom and will use breakout spaces.  All participants will receive helpful materials and a certificate of completion.  

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