Southern New England Conference Annual Meeting

Southern New England Conference Annual Meeting

Southern New England Conference Annual Meeting
Saturday, September 26, 2020 at 8:30 AM to 12:30 PM Eastern Standard Time

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Emily McKenna

The Days are Surely Coming…
Jeremiah 31:31-34

Welcome to the Southern New England Conference Annual Meeting!

Videos Posted

- View an unedited recording of the entire meeting here

- View the worship segments and major addresses here

Note: SNEUCC churches are welcome to use the worship recordings as part of their own worship. However, the SNEUCC licenses for the musical performances do NOT extend to local churches, according to the license terms. Churches must use these recordings under their own licenses.   Most of the songs were covered under CCLI, so a church would need a CCLI Streaming license to stream those songs in worship. One of the songs (Glory) was covered under a CCS WorshipCast license, so that license would be needed to stream it. And one was public domain, so that is freely useable. Information on the songs and performer credits are in the text accompanying each video.

News & Info
Sep 30
The Annual Meeting for the Southern New England Conference of the United Church of Christ was held on September 26th remotely via a Zoom webinar.  I ...
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The Rev. Darrell Goodwin - an LGBT African-American UCC pastor with experience in a variety of church settings - was elected as the new Southern New ...
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The pandemic may have kept members of the Southern New England Conference, UCC, from gathering in person for their first official Annual Meeting, but ...
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Even the Conference Commons has gone virtual this year! Please browse the vendor and organizational displays below.  Thanks for visiting!    CT Women...
Sep 25
LYRICS FOR 2020 SNEUCC ANNUAL MEETING MUSIC Scroll down or Download PDF    COME, HEAL THIS LAND – Robin Mark © 2001 Integrity's Hosanna! Music        ...
Sep 16
A new Participant Guide is now available here
Sep 09
Meet the candidate for Executive Conference Minister: The Rev. Darrell Goodman! The Rev. Goodwin, who currently serves the Iowa, Nebraska, and South ...
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Delegates from all three conferences at the November Annual Meeting. The formation of the Southern New England Conference is bringing about a...
Sep 01
The Rev. Darrell Goodwin – a pastor with experience in higher education and in varied ministry settings of the United Church of Christ – will be ...
Aug 26
Materials Related to the Agenda: Call Letter for the 2020 Annual Meeting SNEUCC Vision, Mission and Purpose Statement Tentative Schedule Proposed ...
Aug 24
Announcing the FIRST ANNUAL MEETING of the Southern New England Conference of the United Church of Christ, Inc   Saturday September 26, 2020 8:30 AM ...


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Q.  Why were we initially calling this a ‘Gathering’?  Isn’t it an Annual Meeting?
A. We can now call it an Annual Meeting!
The Southern New England Conference is incorporated in Massachusetts, where law usually requires that nonprofit organizations hold their Annual Meetings in person.  The MA legislature passed an emergency override to this law in response to COVID-19.  For the duration of the State of Emergency, and for 60 days thereafter, non-profit corporations may hold Annual Meetings on line.  Because the State of Emergency
remains in place as of mid-August, the emergency law permits us to hold a remote Annual Meeting on Sept. 26th.

Q.  Why do we need to pay $10 for a virtual meeting?
A.  You are contributing to enhance the beauty and power of your worship experience! The Worship Team requested a budget for musicians and licensing. 

Q. Will we vote?
A.  The Business Committee anticipates three votes:  adoption of modified Rules of Procedure for the online meeting; election of directors and officers; and most importantly, election of an Executive Conference Minister.

Q. How will we vote?
A.  We will conduct voting within the meeting which will allow anyone who would normally get a voting card to vote electronically.  Per MA law, all votes will be recorded and counted.  There are several good voting apps on the market, and your staff is currently researching which would work best for the Conference.
Q.  How will we meet?
A. We will use Zoom as the primary platform for this gathering, including both webinar and meeting components.  You can access Zoom through a smart phone, tablet or computer.
Q. What if I don’t know how to use Zoom?
A.  If you are concerned about accessing Zoom, please let us know on the registration form. The Accessibility and Steering teams will create opportunities for coaching and/or practice for those who need it.


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