You Make the Grass Grow

You Make the Grass Grow


Scripture: Psalm 104: 33, 34 (CEB)

I will sing to the Lord as long as I live; I will sing praises to my God while I'm still alive. Let my praise be pleasing to him; I'm rejoicing in the Lord!


One of my chores as a teenager was to mow the lawn. It was a chore that always stood between me and my freedom to do what I wanted. Mowing my parent's yard was "domestic drudgery." I had other important things to do.

I did not care that God made the grass and caused it to grow. Yard work was not a time to commune with God in his creation. You would not have seen me sitting in the yard celebrating the wisdom and power of God who made the grass and caused it to grow.

My heart would not have leapt for joy at the miracle of grass. "So, when you see the fields ripe and ready for the mower, your hearts should leap for joy to see how God has produced the grass… " writes Charles H. Spurgeon in Farm Sermons (c 1875). My prayer, if I did pray as I began to mow, would have been to ask God to stop making the grass grow.

There are times when the humble tasks to which God has called us can become religious drudgery. We believe that there are other more important tasks that should receive our attention. We get too full of ourselves and lose sight of our Creator God who is present in all we are called to do. Even the least task to which we are called may bring about the greater glory.

When we are lost in religious drudgery, we may need to stop and sit in the grass. God made the grass and caused it to grow. God made us and causes us to grow even in the most menial of tasks. God is always present and works within us and for us.

"You turn dark shadows into canopies of hope and dry grass into gold. My heart is spoiled and my breath consumed when the beauty of earth gives a glimmer of understanding to the beauty of You." &emdash; Amy Litzelman, spiritual leader and author.

In all that we do, we are surrounded by the creation of our Gracious God. We only have to stop and notice. There is a blessing to be found, even in the grass that grows under our feet. There are blessings to be found in the most humble of tasks to which we are called. To God be the glory.


We join with the Psalmist in a prayer of praise: "Let my whole being bless the Lord! Lord my God, how fantastic you are! You are clothed in glory and grandeur!" Amen.

the Rev. Jack Shackles, Jr. Shackles, Jr.

pastor of Taftville Congregational Church, UCC

October 14, 2015
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