Consolidated Trust Funds

Consolidated Trust Funds

of the Missionary Society of Connecticut


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New Hampshire Consolidated Investment Fund


Historically the funds have been screened according for alcohol, tobacco, gambling, and defense weapons using revenue criteria.  The  weapons screens have been enhanced to:

Exclude companies that derive more than 5% of revenue from the manufacture of civilian firearms, as well as companies that derive more than 15% or revenue from the sale of civilian firearms;

Exclude companies that manufacture the following, regardless of revenue derived: Cluster munitions,Land mines, nuclear or biological/chemical whole weapons systems or components; nuclear or cluster munitions delivery systems; and depleted uranium weapons.

The Eden Fund has excluded companies that hold fossil fuel reserves.  The fossil fuel screen has been enhanced to exclude companies deriving more than 50% of revenue from activities related to oil, gas, or thermal coal, and companies generating more than 50% of power from fossil fuels.


An “active” investment manager seeks to select securities that will outperform the manager’s benchmark. A “passive” approach seeks to match benchmark performance. Passive approaches continue to gain interest among many individual and institutional investors. The Investment Committee recently reviewed the benefits and risks associated with active management across all asset classes, and decided to reduce its exposure to active management within both the Total Return Fund and the Eden Fund. The Total Return Fund, which already employs a passive strategy for a portion of its domestic and international equity allocation (roughly 26% of the portfolio), has increased its exposure to passive strategies to 46% of the portfolio by eliminating certain active strategies. The Total Return Fund continues to utilize active strategies for fixed income, domestic large cap value stocks, emerging market stocks, natural resources stocks, and real estate holdings. The Eden Fund has also increased its passive exposure (from approximately 58% to 65%) by eliminating an active international equity strategy. The only active management remaining in the Eden Fund portfolio will be within fixed income and real estate. 

Creation of the Southern New England Conference of the United Church of Christ

Effective January 1, 2020, the Connecticut Conference joined with the Massachusetts and Rhode Island Conferences to create the Southern New England Conference.  While the Connecticut Conference has been dissolved, the Consolidated Trust Funds were created --  before the Connecticut Conference even existed -- by the Missionary Society of Connecticut (MSC), which was established in 1798.  MSC has always been the Trustee of the Consolidated Trust Funds and continues to serve in this role.  MSC continues to be a covenantal partner of the Southern New England Conference.  Staff supporting the Consolidated Trust Funds continue to be in place and all of the partnership arrangements remain in place.

A History of Service

Since 1956, the Consolidated Trust Funds of the Missionary Society of Connecticut have been offering a convenient and cost-effective way for member churches and other eligible organizations connected with the United Church of Christ to invest their endowment and other capital resources in professionally managed portfolios. 

Today there are two funds:


As of 12/31/22 (3/31/23 results should be posted by 5/1/23. Email if posting is delayed.)

Performance, net of fees 3 Months YTD       1 Year 3 Years 5 Years 10 years
Total Return Fund Performance 8.3% -13.5% -13.5% 2.4% 3.5% 5.7%
Total Return Fund Benchmark 7.6% -15.3% -15.3% 2.3% 3.7% 5.9%
Eden Fund Performance 7.5% -14.5% -14.5% 2.3% 3.5%  
Eden Fund Custom Benchmark 7.6% -16.4% -16.4% 1.9% 3.7%  

View the most recent Quarterly Performance - Total Return Fund 12/31/22

View the most recent Quarterly Performance - Eden Fund 12/31/22

Consolidated Trust Funds Financial Statements 2021 & 2020

Transaction Forms and Account Login for Current Investors 

Current investors can login here or by clicking the button at right

Please feel free to contact our administrator, Apex Fund Services, at 844-209-4631, if you have any questions or issues with transactions, monthly reporting, or any other administrative matter.  We try to keep things simple by using a single transaction form for all transactions.  If your transaction doesn’t “fit” feel free to adjust the form or add notes.

CTF (CT & RI) Transaction Form: [PDF]  [Microsoft Word]

CIF (NH) Transaction Form: [PDF] [Microsoft Word]

Supporting Documentation

Our Fiduciary Partner is Fiducient Advisors.  Our relationship with Fiduciary Investment Advisors, a predecessor company, started in December of 2017.  Prior to that, we worked with U.S. Trust and predecessor companies. 

  • Investment Policy  Revised Feb. 3, 2018
    Explains the responsibilities of the Fiduciary Partner

The Consolidated Trust Funds really are trust funds.  The Missionary Society of Connecticut, established in 1798, is the Trustee.   Amended Agreement and Declaration of Trust

The funds follow the Socially Responsible Investment guidelines adopted by the historic Connecticut Conference's Board of Directors.  Read the guidelines here. 

To Become a Participant and Establish Accounts

In order to better serve all participants, we selected Apex Fund Services, LLC (phone: 844-209-4631) to be the funds administrator.  

To become a participant, please complete and return a Participant Agreement.
(Download instructions here)

Completion of the Agreement will allow you to establish accounts and conduct transactions by mail or fax, permit transactions by telephone (unless you indicate otherwise), and also paves the way for online access to view balances, obtain transaction history, and sign up for electronic delivery of monthly statements and transaction confirmations.  In addition, you will be able to process most routine transactions online.

Separate registration is required for online access.  Read more information here regarding online access.
If you have any questions about online access, please contact Charlie Kuchenbrod at or 860.490.7332.

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