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New Resource for January 2023

Covid in Winter 2023, by Deborah Ringen

New Resource for October 2022

At home OTC Covid-19 Diagnostic Tests

New Resource for April 2022  

Resources for Christian leaders, vaccine updates, isolation/quarantine guidance and more

New Resources for February 2022

A Faithful Response to Covid 19 Resources and Guidance for Decision Making

Through collaboration with UCC Wellness Ministries, SNEUCC Health and Wellness Ministry offers this resource list to help clergy and congregations in making decisions related to the changing circumstances of the COVID-19 pandemic.   

Resources for Christian Leaders During the Coronavirus Pandemic (Faith and Leadership)

New Resources for January 2022

Improve How your Mask Protects You - CDC

Preventing Illness this Winter: Covid and the Flu

New Resources for December 2021

Covid Conversations: Ask the Doc About Covid, Church and Christmas (webinar recording)

When Someone in Worship Tests Positive for Covid-19

A Community Toolkit for Addressing Health Misinformation

Care-filled Worship and Sacramental Life in a Lingering Pandemic

The Connecticut School Mitigation Strategies for Arts Instruction and Performance, Yale School of Music Requirements, the Journal of the American Medical Association, COVID-19 Precautions Help Make Music That’s Beautiful and Safe (published October 14, 2021) agree on this basic guidance.

Key Websites for Accurate Coronavirus Information

November Covid Update for Churches: Singing! - November 2021

Gathering Guidance (Delta Variant) from the UU, October 21, 201

With One Body and One Spirit - Returning to Church 3.0,  September 21, 2021 resource from the Wisconsin Council of Churches

September Updates for Churches  - Sept. 21 2021

The Southern New England Conference UCC region has reached approximately 67% of the population fully vaccinated! This is good news; however a deeper look at the data identifies socially vulnerable communities, and populations report full vaccination rates of only 45% to 56% across the three states

Covid Guidance for Church Offices by Deborah Ringen, SNEUCC Minister of Health and Wellness, August 17,2021

Should We Gather or Not?  May 10, 2021 Update

Excitement is growing, the desire to, “resume life as normal, pre-pandemic,” is strong, but is it safe?  Southern New England Conference UCC states are beginning to ease COVID-19 restrictions on businesses, gatherings, and activities. 

Should We Resume In-Person Worship? A New Resource for 2021

In this resource, Health and Wellness Minister Debbie Ringen writes: "We hold tightly to the promise of the time when we will be able to freely gather, converse, hug, and fully participate in gathering for worship and faith filled community with one another....

"The answer to the question of resuming in-person worship is that it will take time, patience and careful consideration of all of the variables in each local community to re-open safely and prevent resurgence of the coronavirus and its variants." 

COVID-19 2021 Update: Seeds of Hope (Video 2/11/21)

Rev. Darrell Goodwin, Executive Conference Minister, and the Health & Wellness Team present the first in a series of discussions: COVID-19 2021 Update: Seeds of HOPE. Panelists include:

  • Deborah Ringen MSN, RN-BC Minister for Health and Wellness, SNEUCC
  • Peggy Matteson Ph.D., FCN Minister of Congregational Health, RI
  • Kathleen Zagata RN, MSN Health and Wellness Minister First Congregational Church Winchester, MA
  • Rev. Saramaria Allenby
  • Rev. Lee Ireland 

New Resources for 2021


The American Rescue Plan (ARP) Act of 2021, signed into law on March 11, will make health insurance coverage more affordable and accessible for many Connecticut residents during the current health crisis. This flyer explains the new law.    More information and insurance updates for all states here.

Vaccination Resources

Vaccine information on your state Corononavirus pages:

COVID-19 Vaccine Education Initiative: A Toolkit for Black and Hispanic Faith Communities

Where Two or More Are Vaccinated: Advice for Churches in 2021  Daniel P. Chin, Christianity Today  

"Fauci Urges Vaccinations to Stop New Virus Strains - Viruses Cannot Mutate if They Don't Replicate"  CNN Newsource, February 8, 2021 retrieved Feb. 16, 2021 

Reflection: The Inside Story of a Nurse Vaccinator by Deborah Ringen, Health and Wellness Minister

Re-Opening Guidance  

COVID-19 Indoor Air Quality: Best Practices for Houses of Worship (3/10/21)  Video from Mass. Interfaith Power & Light. Curt Freedman, Professional Engineer and adjunct professor at Western New England University provides an overview of the factors houses of worship should consider as they plan to resume in-person worship. How to calculate capacity of the sanctuary, improving ventilation, use of filters and air purifiers and other topics.

The current phases of re-opening can be found on your state coronavirus pages:

Updated CDC guidance for gatherings

CDC Considerations for Communities of Faith

Does Your Church Have a PlanThe Insurance Board 

See original "Phasing Forward" page 

Coronavirus Response Resource Pages

This is an ever changing document of resources, advice and prayers.  In it you will see the hope we share in Jesus.  Thank you for making this possible with your gifts. 

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