Top Things We Think You Should Know: 

1.  Guidance for Phasing Forward to In-Person Gatherings

2. Conference Ministers Speak Out on Racial Disparity of COVID-19 Impact

3.  Goo a blog by Rev. Don Remick on spirituality and the butterfly metaphor, July 10, 2020

Coronavirus Response Resources

This is an ever changing document of resources, advice and prayers.  In it you will see the hope we share in Jesus.  Thank you for making this possible with your gifts. 

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Additional resources:

The Big Picture

Covid19 Health Updates

Cleaning Guides

What our Siblings Are Doing

Information for Committees on Ministry, Transitions, and Search and Call

MESA (Ministerial Excellence, Support and Authorization at UCC national) has created a number of resources for the Church on behalf of the national setting during this pandemic which are specific to Committees on Ministry, transitions, and search and call. These links will also be available shortly at the UCC’s Coronavirus Resource Page.


Scams and Warnings:

  • Beware of Zoombombing  Blog by Tiffany Vail
  • CISA’s Hometown Security program
  • SCAMS:  Another danger of pandemics is people taking advantage.  Please watch out for Coronavirus related scams, such as phishing emails from cyber-criminals posing as reputed organizations like the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) or the World Health Organization (WHO). When the unsuspecting victim opens the attachment, malware is installed on their PC.  Phishing emails prompting the recipient to enter their login credentials into a web site to access information about coronavirus.  Once entered, the login credentials are stolen by the threat actors.  Fraudulent charities that use legitimate social media sites to ask for donations for charitable causes related to the virus.  Non-Delivery Frauds – fraudulent advertisements for medical supplies such as medical masks, gloves, disinfectants,etc.  The fraudulent company will ask for upfront payment and will never deliver the ordered products. Be cautious when ordering such supplies online.  Please be vigilant.

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