Conflict Transformation

Conflict Transformation

Incorporating Conflict and Disagreement into a Community

Rowe writes that such work entails the intertwining of the powerful work of the Holy Spirit, the prefiguring and confirming role of Scripture, and the discerning work of the community’s leaders. This material provided by Faith & Leadership.

Five Rules for Engaging Taboo Subjects in your Church

Are certain topics off limits in your church? If so, people may feel their real-life problems and concerns simply aren’t welcome in the church. Elizabeth Hagan suggests five rules for engaging tough topics bravely, honestly and openly. This material provided by the Lewis Center for Church Leadership.

You may also be interested in the Alban Institute at Duke University, which has many resources on conflict and conflict transformation within the church. 

Parish Papers

This site provides  almost three dozen ‘Church Effectiveness Nuggets’ – papers/ readings on a multitude of topics with background, suggestions, templates on a wide range of topics.  These include increasing Sunday School attendance, writing skills, resolving congregational conflict, attracting first time worship visitors, and many more.

Conflict Transformation Skills for Churches

Conflict is a normal part of life; unfortunately, the church is not exempt. This workshop will give participants the knowledge and skills necessary to manage conflicts within their congregations in a healthier manner. Join us and learn to regard conflict not as a negative force, but as a positive opportunity for reconciliation, spiritual growth, and a renewed awareness of God’s will for your church.  This material has been provided by Lombard Mennonite Peace Center.

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