Communication Team

Communication Team

We are dedicated to encouraging and enabling effective communication among the various settings of the Conference, and in sharing the stories of how the Conference's mission is being lived out across our region and beyond.

Tiffany Vail (she-her)

Tiffany Vail

Team Leader; Director of Media and Communications
Email:      Phone: 508-875-5233, ext. 229

Tiffany Vail oversees the Conference's communication strategies, primarily:

Tiffany has worked in Conference communication for 25 years, starting out in print, and so has gotten fairly used to the ground constantly shifting beneath her feet.  

Eric Elley (he-him)

Rev. Eric Elley

Digital Minister
Email:     Phone: 860-810-2481

Eric Elley provides consultant services to Conference churches that need assistance defining and creating a digital presence. Eric can:

  • Recommend hardware and software solutions for digital ministry that fit within your church's budget and technical experience.
  • Assist congregations as they form digital partnerships within their community and beyond.
  • Guide churches in digital ministry best practices. 

Visit the digital ministry page at: for more information and resources. 

Eric has been a technologist for churches for more than 15 years and enjoys riding his new e-bike on area trails. 

Drew Page
Drew Page (he-him)

Drew Page

Media & Data Manager
Email:    Phone:  860-761-7102

Drew Page is responsible for producing news, videos, and blogs for the SNEUCC website and managing the information technologies for the staff.  Contact him if:

  • Your church has a great story to tell about an innovative ministry.

In his spare time, he teaches Olympic-style fencing which he describes as "teaching people to stab each other for fun." 

Nancy Stubbs (she-her)

Nancy Stubbs

Database Specialist and Registrar
Email:    Phone: 508-875-5233, ext. 222

Nancy Stubbs is responsible for maintaining the integrity of the information in both the Conference and National (Data Hub) databases. Contact her to:

  • Update church contact information (websites, email address, etc.) in the SNEUCC  church directory.
  • Get help with using Church Dashboard to update contact information for your church's leaders.

Nancy strives in finding ways to become more efficient and enjoys creating acronyms that apply to all parts of the job. 

John Van Epps (he-him)

John Van Epps

Email:      Phone: 860-767-1004

John Van Epps maintains the archives at the Hartford office, and provides historical backgrounds on our churches for Conference staff.  Contact him for:
  • Help with archival and historical questions.

 John has served as a Conference historian for 12 years. In addition to this part-work he is otherwise enjoying retirement.                 


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