The MBA Council

The MBA Council reviews and evaluates the work of the various mission programs of the Metropolitan Boston Association as well as coordinating Association life with the ministries of the Massachusetts Conference and National UCC agencies.

 Meetings begin at 7:00 PM and are usually held every other month on the last Monday of the month.

Committee on the Ministry

The MBA Committee on Ministry is the Association body that authorizes ministry for initial ministry in the MBA. This means that it is responsible for the processes that grant initial ecclesiastical authorization to ordained, commissioned and licensed ministers. This committee works closely with aspirants to authorized ministry and the local churches that sponsor them, and with clergy from other denominations wishing for Privilege of Call within the UCC.

This Committee has eighteen (18) members, six elected each year for three year terms.

This committee meets the third Tuesday of each month on Zoom.  Meetings begin at 3 PM and usually end around 8:15 PM.  Members will be asked at times to serve as Committee Advisors for candidates and/or to serve on sub-committees. The committee does not meet during the months of July and August.

Committee on Ministerial Standing

The MBA Committee on Ministerial Standing is responsible for matters relating to the relationship between pastors and congregations. It meets with lay delegates, along with the pastors recently called to their churches, to arrange for services of installation. Occasionally this committee is also requested to provide counsel and advice in circumstances involving a disagreement between a pastor and congregation.

This Committee consists of eighteen (18) members, six elected each year for three year terms. The six represent the six geographical sectors in the Association and are equally divided between lay and ordained people.

This committee meets monthly on the second Thursday of the month on Zoom.  Meetings begin with fellowship at 7:00 PM and conclude at 9:00 PM.

Nominating Committee

The Nominating Committee is responsible for seeking our leadership and to nominate personal for all offices and committees of the Association. It also seeks to coordinate its work in a mutually supportive way with the Nominating Committees of the Massachusetts Conference and the City Mission Society.

The Nominating Committee consists of six (6) members, two elected each year for a term of three years.

The work of this Committee is primarily done between December and March (but can be through out the year) usually over Zoom. The workload of the Committee and the progress made towards the final report determines the number of meetings needed . Meetings may be called at other times to fill vacancies as they occur.

To nominate someone, please contact the office.  Thank you.

For more information on any of the above committees, please contact the MBA-NE Office.  Thank you.

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