Committee on Ministry for Formation

Committee on Ministry for Formation

Mary-Ellen Efferen                       The Second Church in Newton UCC

Steve Paxhia                                      First Congregational Church UCC, Milton

Rev. Joe Zarro (Chair)                  Plymouth Congregational Church of Belmont

Elizabeth McVittie                         United Parish of Auburndale

Rev. Tom O'Brien                             Memorial Congregational Church

Alice Polley                                         The Wellesley Congregational Church

Rev. Albert Whitaker                     St. Mark Congregational Church

David Becker (Vice-Chair)          Old South Church in Boston

Rev. Wendy Miller Olipade        Sanctuary United Church of Christ, Medford

Rev. Ingeborg Haug                         First Church in Cambridge

Rev. John Castricum                        First Church of Christ Congregational, Bedford

Rev. Nikira Hernandez                   Brighton-Allston Congregational Church

Rev. Krysia Burnham                       First Church in Cambridge                                                  




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