Program Director for Silver Lake Camp and Retreat Center, Sharon, CT

Program Director for Silver Lake Camp and Retreat Center, Sharon, CT


Position Title:      Program Director for Silver Lake Camp and Retreat Center
FLSA:                   Full-Time/Exempt
Reports to:          Director for Silver Lake Camp & Retreat Center
Department:        Outdoor Ministries
Salary:                 $35,000-$48,000; depends on experience
Benefits:              Included
Housing:              Negotiable

Position Summary:

The Program Director for Silver Lake Camp and Retreat Center is responsible for planning and overseeing the day-to-day summer camp program and occasional retreat season (Sept.-May) weekend programs.  Oversight includes program design, implementation, and marketing communications. This position is directly involved in the recruitment, hiring, and supervision of summer camp staff and volunteers.
The Program Director for Silver Lake Camp and Retreat Center will serve the God we know in Jesus Christ through the United Church of Christ by providing an environment and a culture that embodies the 4-part vision of the Southern New England Conference to: Make disciples of Jesus Christ; Make God’s love and justice real; Bring new life as agents of change; and form covenant partnerships especially as it relates to how colleague & staff interactions take place. The position should be conducted in a way that reflects God’s love onto all with whom this person has contact.
Key Duties & Responsibilities:
  • Plans, develops, and oversees the day-to-day summer camp program and occasional retreat season (Sept.-May) weekend programs, including program design, implementation, and marketing communication as it relates to the programs.
  • Reviews Silver Lake summer camp and retreat season weekend programs with the Director of Silver Lake Camps and Retreats, and staff with Director for Silver Lake Camp & Retreat Center and staff.
  • Evaluates current programs and initiatives for future programs and develops resources for new programs.
  • Upholds all personnel policies, addresses any infractions, performance concerns or discipline issues; bringing any major staff concerns to the attention of the Director for Silver Lake Camp & Retreat Center.
  • Demonstrates willingness to work a flexible schedule including weekends and summer.
  Summer Staff
  • Works with the Director for Silver Lake Camp & Retreat Center to recruit, hire, and supervise the summer staff coordinators, their teams, and summer nurses.
  • Coordinates trainings for summer staff in accordance with staff and training needs (i.e., training in First Aid/CPR, Ropes, Lifeguard, Waterfront Director, Small Craft, Medication Administration, etc.)
  • Develops and coordinates trainings for summer nurses as needed.
  • Ensures racial justice training for summer staff.
  • Helps shepherd/coordinate the summer coordinators to manage, supervise, direct, and hold their staff teams accountable to the Silver Lake rules and Staff Covenant
  • Assists summer coordinators in the supervision and evaluation of their teams.
  • Assists summer coordinators in planning Saturday and Sunday responsibilities for entire staff and sets the tone of radical hospitality as campers arrive.
  • Oversees and manages the adherence to contracted work schedule including days off, sick days, arrival and departure dates, and other additional time away from work of summer staff.
  • In collaboration with the Director for Silver Lake Camp & Retreat Center, plans and leads (when applicable) summer staff trainings before the summer, such as: Staff Team Spring training weekends, Coordinator’s weekend, Pre-Camp/staff training week, Coordinator’s Camping Trip, etc.
  • Organizes all the summer staff rotating schedules to work together to avoid conflicts, overlaps, or holes.
  • Coordinates and monitors summer staff leaving site, outings, and monitors parental permissions of underage staff.
  • Prepares with other staff assistance for summer staff activities, cookouts, and campouts.
  • Provides planning, coordination, leadership, and success of all special summer dinners, such as Mid-Summer Fest, Final Staff Banquet, etc.
  • Participates in Summer Coordinator Training and Summer Staff Bonding on Saturdays
 Program Volunteers
  • Recruits, supports, and coordinates training of program volunteers for summer and retreat season weekend programs, with appropriate summer staff, as applicable. Volunteers include, but not limited to, Deans, Counselors, Summer Chaplains, and Summer Artists in Residence.
  • Reviews and supports volunteer Dean programming and planning for summer and retreat season weekend programs.
  • Plans, oversees, develops, facilitates and/or recruits’ facilitator(s) for volunteer trainings, including Dean’s Retreat, Counselor in Training (CIT) Weekend, Counselor Retreat, and Counselor training on Summer Saturday afternoons, with appropriate summer staff.
  • Works with Director for Silver Lake Camp & Retreat Center to develop summer volunteer Chaplain training and Artist in Residence program.
  • Participates in summer volunteer training Summer Sunday mornings as needed.
 Additional Summer Camp Duties
  • Works with Director for Silver Lake Camp & Retreat Center to supervise and assist summer nurses and serves as a resource for resolving Health Center-related issues.
  • Assists in managing medical emergencies, including making hospital runs.
  • Coordinates Summer Missions Day and Missions Presentations with summer staff.
  • Works with Director for Silver Lake Camp & Retreat Center to coordinate summer night Director-on-Duty and Coordinator-on-Duty schedule.
  • Serves as a Director-on-Duty during the summer camp season and retreat season, when needed.
  • With appropriate summer staff coordinates summer camp night activity schedules and ensures the schedules are followed.
Additional Responsibilities
  • Assists the Food Services Manager and the Site Manager in recruiting and scheduling retreat staff (Sept. through May) and evaluate staff with an eye toward tracking potential as future summer staff.
  • Works with Retreat and Finance Manager (and Director and/or Ropes Lead Scheduler, when applicable) to assure adequate and consistent excellent low and high ropes facilitation and staffing.
  • Maintains Waterfront Lead Lifeguard/Lifeguard Management certifications.
  • Maintains High and Low Ropes Lead Facilitator certifications.
  • Develops and produces print marketing materials including print ads, program flyers, program brochures, postcards, program schedules, annual newsletter, etc.
  • Creates emails and social media communication about upcoming programs, summer staff hiring, volunteer recruitment, etc. in coordination with Administrator.
  • Keeps website updated in coordination with Administrator.
  • Assists Retreat and Finance Manager and Administrator with oversight of the Camp store during the summer camp season as needed.
  • Share office administration and reporting duties as needed.
  • Performs other duties as assigned.
 Church Attendance
  • As part of your job duties, you will be required at least once a month to be present (online or in-person when Conference protocols allow) during the gathering time of a worship service of one of the SNEUCC churches
    • You will bring greetings from the SNEUCC Conference; providing an introduction, as it relates to your role.
    • This may include being invited to share words during coffee/social hour or announcements; a script is provided by the Development team that you can draw upon to compose a short paragraph (2-3 sentences) letting the congregation know that you are present, and to highlight your program area, its offering, and connect it to proportional giving.
Southern New England Conference-Sponsored Events
  • The Program Director – Silver Lake Camp and Retreat Center will be required to participate in Conference-Sponsored events throughout the year.
  •  Bachelor’s degree preferred.
  • Supervisory experience preferred.
  • Lifeguard and Ropes certification required and/or must be certified after hire.
  • Previous summer camp experience required.
  • Experience working with Social Media and websites preferred.

Location: Southern New England Conference United Church of Christ

Contact: Irma Reyes

Address: 1 Badger Rd. Framingham MA 01702

Phone: 860-761-7197

Email: Click to email

Attached file(s): program director - silver lake crc 2023 final.pdf

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