Patients Seeking Bibles and other Spiritual Books - Danvers, MA

Patients Seeking Bibles and other Spiritual Books - Danvers, MA


I am a clergy person in the SNEC serving as Spiritual Advisor (Chaplain) at the Recovery Centers of America in Danvers, MA. The hundreds of patients I see each week are hungry for scripture and other spirituality-centered texts to read and learn from while in the earliest days of recovery from drug and alcohol use. If you or your church is in the process of clearing out some of your books please let me know and I would be happy to arrange a pick up of the texts and put them to good use here. I can be reached at or 760-271-5091.

In a multi-faith environment, the patients here are excited to read/ engage with Bible, Torah, Quran, theology texts, daily meditation/ prayer books, mandala coloring books, rosary beads, Buddha statues, battery-powered candles, blank notebooks/journals, fidget toys/ stress balls, prayer rugs, and more. Please reach out to talk more. 

Contact: Rev. Megan Snell

Phone: 760-271-5091


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