Music Director - Avon CT

Music Director - Avon CT


West Avon Congregational Church is currently seeking a Music Director.

The Music Director for WACC is a part-time position, separate from the position of Organist. The Organist position is currently filled and reports to the Music Director. The Music Director will be responsible for:
• Planning the music activities of the church, coordinating with the organist, the Senior Pastor, and the Music Committee.
• Selecting music for worship appropriate for the liturgical calendar, including choosing hymns in collaboration with the Senior Pastor, rehearsing and directing the adult choir, and other musicians participating in providing worship music.
• Identifying, enlisting and supporting musical talent from within the congregation, including youth, as well as outside of the church.
• Rehearsing and directing the youth choir in support of the Christian Education program and for inclusion in worship.
• Identifying opportunities for the music program to enhance worship with a variety of musical genres, styles, and expressions, including instrumentation, where appropriate, and to provide outreach into the greater community with special music events.
• Estimated 12-15 hours per week

Location: West Avon Congregational Church

Contact: Rev. Dr. Brian C. Hardee

Address: 280 Country Club Road Avon CT 06001

Phone: 860-673-3996



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