Minister of Music, Athol, MA

Minister of Music, Athol, MA


Minister of Music
General Understandings and Covenants
Music is an integral part of the life of this congregation. In cooperation with the clergy, the staff, and the Diaconate, the employee exercises an important ministry that reaches out to the choir members, to members of the congregation, and to the community.

The employee agrees to recognize and facilitate the pastoral dimension of this position.

The music ministry will involve the employee as the principal musician of this congregation. As the principal musician, the employee will be diligent in preparation and performance, and will cooperate with others to provide and enable the highest possible standard of worship in this congregation.

It is understood that a variety of traditions and styles and piano, organ, and choral music may be appropriate for the services, and that the use of a variety of instruments is expected.

Employees Responsibilities

The employee shall:

  1. Provide piano and organ music and direct the choir(s) at all scheduled Sunday morning services, and shall select appropriate music for each service.
  1. Provide piano, organ, and choral music for additional services during the year, possibly including Ash Wednesday, Maundy Thursday, Christmas Eve, and any other worship service hosted by the employer.
  1. Assist in the hiring of substitute musicians when not available for a particular service. The requested fees for the substitute musician are payable by the employer.
  1. Be responsible for the leadership of the choir.
  1. Rehearse at least once weekly (ideally once during the week as well as Sunday morning) with the choir, from the beginning of September through the middle of June. During the summer weeks, music shall be provided by soloists scheduled by the employee.
  1. Cooperate with the pastor in the general planning and leadership of the music program.
  1. Be accountable to the Personnel Committee and the Diaconate.
  1. Be responsible for the purchase of all music and music supplies (in consultation with the Pastor), and in the hiring of instrumental and vocal soloists. Expenditures in this area shall not exceed the amount provided in the Diaconate music budget for the current fiscal year.
  1. Maintain the music library in an orderly fashion, and maintain at the employer’s expense, a suitable number of copies of musical pieces to enable performance of those pieces by the choir or ensembles. The employee shall not engage in the unauthorized duplication of copyrighted materials by photocopying (or any other means) that would expose the employer to liability for penalties under existing or future copyright laws. In the event that photocopying of music becomes necessary for appropriate purposes, the employee, on behalf of the employer, shall first obtain all necessary permissions and authorizations prior to any such reproduction of copyrighted materials. The employer hereby indemnifies the employee from all liability and connection with the foregoing, provided the employee complies with this paragraph.
  1. Report to the Building and Personnel Ministry Team on the condition of, and needs for, the maintenance of the employer’s musical instruments. The employer shall provide for the proper care of these instruments.
  1. Attend monthly staff meetings to facilitate collegiality in the music ministry.
  1. Request vacation time (amount of vacation to be determined by existing personnel policies) at least 30 days in advance from the Building and Personnel Ministry Team. If additional time off is needed, it may be granted with proper notification. The employee will be responsible for arranging a substitute, and the employer will arrange for substitute compensation.
  1. Provide 90 days in advance written notice to the employer if the employee wishes to terminate employment.

Employer’s Responsibilities

The employer shall:
  1. Provide a salary of $10,000 annually, to be paid bi-monthly by direct deposit. This salary will be reviewed annually at the time of preparation of the budget.
  1. Furnish secretarial assistance to the employee to reasonably enable the employee to discharge the duties enumerated herein.
  1. Guarantee that guest musicians shall not be permitted to use the employer’s musical instruments without prior approval by the Minister of Music for the purpose of knowing that the guest musician is competent to use the instruments.
Performance Review
The parties shall review this document annually to ensure that it accurately reflects the position. This review shall include an evaluation of working relationships and job performance.

Weddings and Funerals
The employee will have the right of first refusal to provide music at all weddings requiring organ music that are held within the employer’s premises. If the wedding party wants to use their own pianist/organist, the Ministry of Music must give approval at least one month before the wedding rehearsal. If the employee is not available, he/she shall assist in the hiring of substitute musicians. It shall be the obligation of the employer to secure said substitute’s fee.
The employee shall receive an honorarium for participating in the wedding rehearsal, offering a short program of music preceding the wedding ceremony, and performing during the wedding ceremony. Additional remuneration shall be made if special music, and/or rehearsal and performance with additional musicians is required.

The employee shall provide music for funeral and/or memorial services held within the employer’s premises, if he/she is available at the time of the funeral. If the employee is not available, he/she shall assist in the hiring of substitute musicians. It shall be the obligation of the employer to secure said substitute’s fee.
The employee shall be solely responsible for all taxation and accounting obligations resulting from self-employment income received from third parties for weddings and funerals, including but not limited to, quarterly estimates and payments of all appropriate taxes and FICA/Medicare contributions.
Adopted: 07/2023


Location: Athol Congregational Church

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