New Hampshire Conference Consolidated Investment Fund

New Hampshire Conference Consolidated Investment Fund

For current fund members

Important News! Effective January 1, 2018

Nothing changed for the Consolidated Trust Funds! The Connecticut Conference joined with the Massachusetts and Rhode Island Conferences to create the Southern New England Conference.  While the Connecticut Conference has been dissolved, the Consolidated Trust Funds were created before the Connecticut Conference even existed by the Missionary Society of Connecticut (MSC), which was established in 1798.  MSC has always been the Trustee of the Consolidated Trust Funds. MSC also functioned as the business arm of the Connecticut Conference.  MSC continues to be a covenantal partner of the Southern New England Conference.  All of the staff supporting the Consolidated Trust Funds continue to be in place and all of the partnership arrangements remain in place.

Serving New Hampshire Congregations

The New Hampshire Conference, United Church of Christ has been offering their Consolidated Investment Fund (CIF) to member churches and other eligible organizations since the early 1950s.  In 2016, the NHCUCC choose the Connecticut Conference to fulfill the responsibilities of the Investment Partner as outlined in the NHCUCC Investment Policy.  (Click here for the policy.)

In July of 2016, CIF assets were transferred to the Consolidated Trust Funds.  The CIF continues to exist and continues to be overseen by the NHCUCC’s Investment Mission Group (IMG).  It will be the IMG’s responsibility to monitor the relationship with the Connecticut Conference on behalf of CIF participants.  The IMG will be represented on the Connecticut Conference’s Investment Committee.

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To Become a Participant and Establish Accounts

In order to better serve all participants, we selected Apex Fund Services, LLC to be the funds administrator.  To become a participant and establish accounts, please complete and return a new Account Information Form.  Instructions for Account Information Form. Completion of the Form will permit transactions by mail and fax, and by telephone (unless you indicate otherwise) and also paves the way for online access to view balances, obtain transaction history, and sign up for electronic delivery of monthly statements and transaction confirmation.  In addition, you will be able to process most routine transactions online.  Separate registration is required for online access.  Important information regarding online access. If you have any questions about this change, please contact Charlie Kuchenbrod at or 860.490.7332.

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