Church Safety and Safe Conduct

Church Safety and Safe Conduct

Healthy boundaries are essential to church safety and safe faith communities.  

     It is important to create safe spaces which are bound by covenant and demonstrate  our core Christian values in every congregation. The problem of sexual abuse of children is not someone else's problem. Providing a safe place for all vulnerable populations - of children, youth, and those who are elderly or developmentally vulnerable, and the church leaders who supervise them - is a core value of our mission and ministry.

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Mandated Reporting

Training for mandated reporters is required under Connecticut and Massachusetts law.
Even though training is not provided by the state of Rhode Island, it would be prudent to undertake the training it recommends in order to address the state’s reporting requirements.

Sex Offender Resources  

Responsibilities as a staff or lay person serving a church

The Southern New England Conference strongly recommends that all  conference churches conduct state and national background checks of all employees and volunteers who have contact with children (i.e. Sunday school teachers, youth group leaders, choir directors, etc).

Connecticut: DCF Background Checks

The historic  Connecticut Conference adheres to the Department of Children & Family's Child Protective Services (DCF-CPS) background check.

Massachusetts: iCORI background checks

Massachusetts state law requires all volunteer organizations that provide activities or programs to children to conduct CORI background checks of the volunteers. The law also requires CORI checks any time there is a potential for someone to have unmonitored contact with a child. The historic  Massachusetts Conference adheres to the state's CORI policy established by the Department of Criminal Justice Information Services.

Rhode Island: BCI background checks

In 2017, Rhode Island's General Assembly gave its approval to legislation requiring all adults who seek employment or volunteer opportunities with routine contact with children in churches or religious organizations to submit to a national criminal background check via the state's BCI system. The historic  Rhode Island Conference adheres to the state's BCI model.

Church Safety and Safe Conduct Policies


Keeping Children Safe

     Materials from a presentation by Rev. Domenik Ackermann,
     a child abuse prevention trainer with Children's Trust of Massachusetts


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