I was raised on the butterfly metaphor.  From kids’ books to Easter symbols.  I’ve preached it.  I watched it unfold in grade school terrariums.  And I’ve used it as ...


It’s Impossible to be a true disciple of Jesus without empathy.    As I sat these past two weeks watching the peaceful protesters all across America marching out their ...


Essentials. In this time of a global pandemic we are using terms that attempt to characterize where we find ourselves in this challenging time.  “Social or physical ...

That Hard Place

That Hard Place I don’t like pain.  I read a situation, analyze all the trajectories and options and work overtime to figure out how to get through things without causing...

An Amazing Haiti Trip

By Suzanne Swanson The RICUCC Haiti Task Force, in collaboration with the United Congregational Church UCC of Bridgeport, Ct., had a very amazing Haiti mission trip ...

La Posada

by Elena Huegel                 At the grocery store yesterday, the smells from a newly arranged corner of the fruit and vegetable area transported  me back to my early ...

Wrong Church!

Recently, we received ... a note of thanksgiving for our church’s openness in playing a role in the burial of the author’s brother. It was a genuinely heartfelt note… and...

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