What To Do For Church

What To Do For Church

Are you wondering what to do for church?

This week the Governors of all three Southern New England states have declared a state of emergency related to the coronavirus.  The advent of the coronavirus is an ever changing situation in our Conference and our world.  It continues to make headlines.  And we continue to monitor the situation and keep our resource page on our website up to date (see: www.sneucc.org/coronavirus)  This page has a growing number of  excellent resources. 
We are hosting a live ZOOM meeting with the Bridge Conference Ministers and Debbie Ringen (our Transitional Minister for Health and Wellness, check out her blog).  You can join us on Thursday, March 12 at 1:30 or see the recording later.  More information is available here.
Again, we are seeking neither panic nor complacency.  Our best defense is common sense and good healthy practice:
  • Wash your hands regularly and properly.  Use hand sanitizer.  (our webpage has resources for both)
  • Keep you hands away from your face: eyes, nose and mouth  (the virus is spread through contact)
  • Be mindful of safe social distance in public places.  (6 feet is a recommended)
Here are some resources we found this week that you might want to take advantage of:
  1. Strategies for spiritual caregivers dealing with the chaos of coronavirus and other infectious diseases.   This free webinar is coming up on March 19thYou can find out more information and registration here
  2. One of the resources your Conference support pays for is the Practical Resources for Churches.  They have an upcoming webinar to help churches improve their online offering of worship services, particularly in the time of illness and epidemic such as this time.  It's free to you and available here.
  3. The Wisconsin Council of Churches offered a webinar today: Epidemic Preparedness for Faith-Based Organizations.  A recording and related resources are here.
  4. If you miss (or missed these) these check the links for a recording of the event. 
Mostly though, take a deep breath.  Try that again.  Take a deep breath. 

We are God’s people.  We are not alone. 

We have a compassionate and powerful God!  Be still and know God.

And! We have each other. 

Take a deep breath…again.  


Don H. Remick

Don Remick is Bridge Conference Minister.

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