Updates from Puerto Rico, Australia and others

Updates from Puerto Rico, Australia and others

We have seen the news of ongoing disaster challenges around the globe.  And folks have been wondering how to respond.  We received an update from our UCC National Disaster Ministries.  In it Rev. Dr Karen Georgia Thompson shares that:

“In the past weeks we have seen the fires raging in Australia and the damages caused by the earthquakes in Puerto Rico. The UCC issued an appeal for Puerto Rico. Given the limited resources of the country and the lack of support from the US government, the island will need outside assistance for recovery.  Our UCC will partner with Iglesia Evangelical Unida de Puerto Rico on these efforts as we have done with hurricane Maria. We have sent $20,000 to assist with providing food, shelter and hygiene kits as well as other supplies for those displaced from their homes. 

We have received inquiries about Australia and support for the fires. Here too we see tremendous loss. We have no partners in Australia and Australia is a country with resources. However, while we will not issue an appeal, we will respond through the international community when the opportunity arises. 

We are also sending support to assist with the earthquakes and typhoon in the Philippines. While on a small scale, these disasters have caused challenges for the Philippines.  We ask your continued prayers for affected communities in these and other places affected by disasters.“

You can follow updates and send your support at https://www.ucc.org/disaster  



Don H. Remick

Don Remick is Bridge Conference Minister.

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