#UCCSynod: Making a Way Out of No Way

#UCCSynod: Making a Way Out of No Way

One in series of posts by Southern New England Conference delegates to the 34th General Synod of the United Church of Christ.

From the halls of the Indiana Convention Center to the steps of the Indiana State House we listened, we sang, we marched, we prayed and we witnessed for justice and a just world for all.
We listened to voices raised for justice ranging from individuals personally impacted by overlapping systems and particular acts of oppression and injustice, including many of our national church leaders, local political and religious leaders, and even a courageous child among us.
We sang as we marched and we prayed this refrain in song:
We will make a way
Out of no way
Out of no way
And I know within the “we” in that refrain is the deep faith and conviction that it is with our God of justice, the very God whom the prophet Isaiah invoked with these words, “I will make a way in the wilderness and rivers in the desert,” with that God and with one another, “We will make a way out of no way, somehow,” a just world for all.
We witnessed and we marched and we chanted:
              This is what the gospel looks like!
              This is what worship looks like!
              This is what the UCC looks like!
              This is what love looks like!
In solidarity with, and for, all of God’s children whom Jesus still calls to gather round,
for to such—every single one—belongs the kindom of God,
and especially with those presently under direct attack by legislators legislating
and justices dispensing injustice:
trans kids and adults, pregnant people, school children and teachers longing to learn, lesbian and gay spouses to be (NO! We will NOT let them eat our cake!), immigrants in search of a new home, and this fragile planet—God’s good creation—gasping for life,
we rallied in protest, in witness, in love, in power, and in hope,
that we might dig deeper for, believe boldly in, and keep creating
that kindom, new earth, kingdom, new realm—on earth—we pray for so often.
As our action drew to a close we all were invited to pray together in one voice:
“O Lord, hear our prayer, and help us move our feet!”
May it be so, God of Justice, may it be so.


Shelly Davis

Rev. Shelly Davis is pastor of the East Congregational Church, Milton MA

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