#UCCSynod: Less-Visible Gatherings

#UCCSynod: Less-Visible Gatherings

I’m not a breakfast person. (Yes, there are tribes that revolve around which meals are “us.”) So the prospect of hauling my tired, talked-out bones out of bed at O’Dark Hundred to join fellow delegates over a buffet breakfast is not the most attractive idea I’ve heard for how to start my day.

But at Synod, the tradition and discipline of getting a delegation’s group together for breakfast to start the day is oddly energizing.

Today, Saturday, the three southern New England conferences got “Together, As One” (see how I did that?) to hear from our UCC President John Dorhauer; from representatives of the PIN group working to keep Palestinian voices in the conversation over a peaceful Middle East; and from TA1 Board members taking questions and offering encouragement for the upcoming recognition vote from the Synod. It was fast, fun, and most importantly, brought our delegations up close to people we most often see on giant screens and hear over the public address system.

The chicken sausage was pretty good, too.

When a Synod delegate comes home excited and exhausted, bubbling about the experience—in part it’s because of these less-visible gatherings. The chance to work together on the issues that Synod raises, over a meal and among friends, is worth losing a little sleep.

The Rev. Matt McCaffrey is Interim Minister of the North Madison Congregational Church in Madison, CT


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Matt J. McCaffrey

Matt McCaffrey is Interim Pastor at North Madison Congregational Church in CT, and currently chairs the Committee on Ministry of the New Haven Association.

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