#UCCSynod: Interview with a Young Adult Delegate

#UCCSynod: Interview with a Young Adult Delegate

One in series of posts by Southern New England Conference delegates to the 34th General Synod of the United Church of Christ.

An Interview with an SNEUCC young adult delegate - CJ Washington By Rev. Chontell Washington (CJ’s Mom)

Sometimes it’s hard to guess what young adults are thinking and feeling.  They will answer when asked – So I asked…

Summarize your experience at Synod.
It was interesting, inclusive, supportive and loving atmosphere and I appreciated the courage to disagree with things that people didn’t necessarily believe in.
Why did you say yes to being part the opening worship?
Because I was asked.
What did you like most?
I liked hearing the speak-outs most because  right or wrong it gave people a chance to say what they wanted the whole community to hear without judgement.
What did you like least?
How cold it was! I was misled by the forecast that said it would be 90s all week so I packed all shorts and I was freezing.
What did you learn that you didn’t know: 
I didn’t realize that the yearly staff had so much on their plates. 
Which resolution stood out most to you?
The one that changed the time for synods to be held every three years.
What would you change about Synod?
Nothing, I think Synod was good.
What suggestions do you have for people in your age group regarding Synod? 
To participate and come to Synod.  Maybe expose them speaking in front of people in small doses and they may consider coming.
Did you miss people your age?
Not really, but I can see how people my age would miss the presence of other people our age.
What is your response to the Manipulatives at the delegates tables?
They helped keep me occupied and not-bored. (see picture)


Chontell N. Washington

Rev. Chontell Washington is pastor of First Congregational Church UCC in West Springfield, MA

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