#UCCSynod: I Saw “It” for the First Time Today

#UCCSynod: I Saw “It” for the First Time Today

One in series of posts by Southern New England Conference delegates to the 34th General Synod of the United Church of Christ.

I saw “it” today. “What is IT”, you might reasonably ask? The possibilities. The potential. The potential possibilities if we actually align around a cause, point our purpose in a particular direction and use our influence to get our communities of faith behind that direction.

I regularly tell the wonderful people at Bloomfield Congregational Church that if we align ourselves around doing what this guy Jesus asks us and shows us to do, that there is little that can limit our potential impact. I point out that we are bigger than the initial rag-tag group that altered the course of history. Still, today opened my eyes and my heart.

Seeing and being with over a thousand committed people in UCC leadership in the hall today took my breath away. I had a moment where I physically and spiritually stopped and said, “With a group of THIS size? If we get our act aligned? We really can change the world.

I thought it was possible before. I now know in my heart and in my bones that it is true.


Shawn Fisher

The Rev. Shawn Fisher is Senior Pastor at First Congregational Church of Bloomfield, CT.

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