Transforming the Attitude of Gratitude into an Action of Welcome for Refugees

Transforming the Attitude of Gratitude into an Action of Welcome for Refugees

These days after Thanksgiving, let’s move from giving thanks to offering acts of thanks giving. If, last Thursday, you sat around a table and gave thanks for your family and friends and joined in our annual tradition of sharing in a meal together, today let’s extend that thankful attitude into the world through our actions. If you sat at that table and offered a prayer for those without-without food, without shelter, without home, then today, let’s take action to offer food, shelter, and home to those who need it.

Right here in Massachusetts. Right now, there are refugees being resettled. They have left their home due to the ravages of war, persecution, and lack of resources. They have lived in refugee camps and endured all the red-tape necessary to be deemed “safe” to enter our country. Having arrived safely here in the US, now they are finally able to breathe. Now they are able to settle again and not be so worried about survival that they cannot think of anything else. This however is not the end of the struggle; you and I know it is not so easy to start without anything here and so these people need our help. Now that they are safe, they will need assistance to start to rebuild a life. Now we can share our gratitude for the life we live with those who have been torn and displaced from that same right.

There are wonderful organizations, here in Massachusetts already doing this work; and so, we, as the MA Conference of the UCC, Immigration and Refugee Task Team, have chosen to join up with an organization already doing this great work. The Ascentria Care Alliance of Worcester is working with refugees every day as they resettle here in the US. If you would like to help refugees resettling here in Massachusetts and would like to let them know how much you love and welcome your neighbor, we ask you to collect the following five items: shampoo, soap, deodorant, toothbrushes, and toothpaste. When you have completed your collection, please contact Pastor Dawn Adams to receive the address for drop off or delivery in the Worcester area. We do ask that you take pictures of your collection so that we might show the world the love that exists for our international brothers and sisters.

As thankful people, conscious that all we have is a gift from God, let us share what we have with those that are in need. Thank you in advance for your support.

NOTE: If you would like additional information about the immigration or refugee process, our team would be willing to craft a worship service, workshop, or other educational process with your church. Please reach out to us, and we will be happy to schedule with you. Contact Pastor Dawn Adams for more information. Dawn Adams is a member of the Immigration and Refugee Concerns Task Team.
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