Tornado Season Starts Early

Tornado Season Starts Early

United Congregational Church in Conway
Tornado season started much earlier than usual and we already set a Massachusetts record for the first tornado in February. Weather forecasters herald this as the deadliest start to tornado season in years.
This predictable outcome of a changing climate is bringing devastation to families, homes and entire communities.  The images are heart-wrenching and the stories are powerful. How can we grasp the impact of the path of destruction caused by over dozen tornadoes that crossed several states on one single night? 
Yet our hearts go out to those who are trying to pick up the pieces of their houses and their lives.  Sadly, with all the news that rises in this current political moment, those stories are quickly forgotten or moved to the back pages. But we are part of a family of faith that moves forward even as others move on.  Your support of our faith family through OCWM (Our Church’s Wider Mission) and UCM (United Church Mission) allows our UCC to have the administration and infrastructure in place for that response. It also means that every dollar contributed to tornado relief can be passed along to those who most need it. 
You can learn more about disaster preparedness and response at our MACUCC Disaster Resource Team webpage.

You can contribute to UCC Disaster Response here.
And you can learn more about tornado preparedness and recovery in this document from FEMA.
Together, our prayers and efforts continue to make a difference.  So, thank you.
For our MACUCC Disaster Resource Team


Don H. Remick

Don Remick is Bridge Conference Minister.

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