The Survey Says...

The Survey Says...

The survey says:
Last month we sent a survey our to all of our churches.  We were checking in on what you were doing, what you needed, what was helpful and what you were learning.  We had 272 individual responses representing about 45% of our churches.  That is a very significant amount of feedback.  We’ve been analyzing your data and comments and offering a series of articles.  This past week I had a chance to dig into the last 2 questions on the survey: 
  • What resources, assistance and guidance from our Conference do you need?
  • What resources, assistance and guidance from our Conference have you used?
First of all let me express my gratitude.  The overwhelming majority of responses and comments expressed deep appreciation for the resources and support that your Conference staff have provided you.  I know how difficult this time has been for our staff.  They are trying to navigate and support a huge transition as we form our new conference (with all of their own anxiety in their personal financial and professional stake in the outcome).  At the same time they are trying to minister to you in a pandemic world, with a pivotal election and a heightened (and long needed) focus on anti racism.  It was so gratifying to read your affirmation and appreciation of the resources and the impact they have had on you and your ministry. 

Second, I am reminded that the most common sentiment in the survey was ‘exhaustion’.  This has been a steep learning curve moving into an online world and a steady drain on people’s energy and souls.  Please be kind to yourselves and each other.  And, please, find a way to appreciate your ministry staff and give them a much needed break.  We still have a long way to go.

Third, here are some highlights 
  • When asked: “What resources, assistance and guidance from our Conference have you used?”, this question had 245 comments.   By far, the majority of comments indicated how grateful the respondent was for the resources that our Conference provided.  Overall there were three categories that received the most gratitude: 
    • Technical support for online worship and being church in a remote world,
    • Covid resourcing (particularly the Phasing Forward info)
    • And direct personal and professional support in this difficult time (both individual and group). 
  • When asked: “What resources, assistance and guidance from our Conference do you need?” this question had 229 comments.  The most prevalent requests included:
    • continued tech support (equipment, platforms and advice) for online and hybrid worship, 
    • worship resources in whole or in parts (particularly music), 
    • ongoing updating of pandemic guidance,
    • and support for clergy who are exhausted. 
You’re staff is looking at all of your comments and requests and is fine tuning our ministries to bring you the resourcing and support you need as we journey together through this most unusual time. 


Don H. Remick

Don Remick is Bridge Conference Minister.

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