The Church Marches

The Church Marches


Politics and religion do not mix. This may be wise at holiday tables, legal for certain kinds of communications and polite upon meeting someone new.  But politics and religion do mix when it comes to envisioning and building the realm of God on earth.

Our holy texts are full of prophets railing against the unjust practices of kings, rulers and governors.  Jesus claimed a prophetic model for himself when he declared the words of Isaiah that he was “bringing good news to the poor, release to the captives and letting the oppressed go free.”  For centuries Christian theologians have called governments to account for their unjust practices that favor rich over poor and lead us farther away from the realm of God.

So, when a contingent of United Church of Christ members gathers in Boston on January 21 to join the Boston Women’s March for America we are soberly mixing politics and religion all in fidelity to Being the Church.  By marching, we will not shout down politicians, we will lift up a moral revolution.  We will not further divide, we will seek to inspire action on behalf of the most vulnerable in our society.  We will not be satisfied with one March, we will commit to catalyze a social justice agenda our prophetic forebears would be glad to call their own.

On January 21, 2017 in Boston, in DC, in your town - religion and politics will “kiss” for the greater good.

To sign up for the UCC contingent joining the Boston March, go here.

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